The You Iโ€™ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins



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๐Ÿ‚๐ŸFall Bookish Bingo Wrap Up๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚

Autumn is out and Winter is in!

*Insert Winter is coming GIF I’m too tired to look for*ย 

This past fall I took part in the Fall Bookish Bingo by Pretty Deadly Reviews and I had a lot of fun trying to complete the challenges, of which I completed ten. I would have liked to accomplish more but with school and other books that didn’t fit the challenges I’m still quite proud of what I read.

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Disappointing November Wrap Up



So November happened. I literally barely remember any of it. All I remember is the vague feeling of all consuming stress and panic.

I didn’t get to read much in November. I read about 3 books this month and 2 novellas so it wasnt terrible but still disappointing none the less.

I had a whole bunch of exams this month. I actually went through and counted and it turns out I had 8. And then I have between 6-9 more in the next two weeks. Kill. Me. Now. Continue reading “Disappointing November Wrap Up”

Give me all the Fictional Foods // Top 5 Wednesday

I like food don’t get me wrong but my brain is way too dead right now so let’s see how this goes.

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Big Belly Burger – CW Arrowverse


I’d get a big belly from eating so much big belly burger. (look at the hilarious and oh so original pun)

Any from Honeydukes


I’m being lazy by not actually picking a certain Harry Potter world sweet but there’s so many and like I said my brain is actually dead and I need to save all my remaining brain power for studying Philosophy later.

Pop’s Milkshake

kw5ewmzu9as11.gifI mean Riverdale might be crazy town but it all might be worth it if those milkshakes are any good.

Avengers Ice Cream Flavours

bkjt3d1n4bb11I tried finding a gif of the scene from Infinity War but all I could find was this edit and you know what I’m gonna go with it. I’m a sucker for icecream and a sucker for the Avengers hence why this is on here.

Wonka Chocolate Bar


I like chocolate and also I for some reason find this name hilarious.

God this whole post is a shitshow and I am so sorry. Hopefully my brain will have recovered from exam stress and studying by next week.

Rainy Day Book Tag๐ŸŒง

Yes another book tag! School is crazy right now and that’s seriously cutting into my reading time which means I have nothing to review/talk about.


The weather here in ‘Sunny Spain’ has not being living up to it’s name recently. I was literally locked out of school in the rain, about to be late for a really important exam yesterday and so I thought why not do The Rainy Day Book Tag?

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Friendsgiving // Top 5 Wednesday


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So I totally cheated here but as someone who’s doing three exams and a project this week instead of eating delicious turkey, I’m gonna carry on cheating.

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Book Shelf Tour 2018!

I recently had my bedroom decorated and it looks so cool and it meant I had to reorganize my shelves which is simultaneously very stressful and fun at the same time.

I’m currently pretty happy with how they are and I figured while they’re still looking good and presentable I’d show them off.

20181021_223346So here we have my first set of built in shelves. The top shelf is what I refer to as My Dissapointment Shelf because literally every book on this shelf minus a few which I haven’t read (including Nevernight and I swear to god if I don’t like this I will riot).

Under that we have my IDK Where to put these shelf where as the name would suggest, I didn’t know where to put them including some childhood books and a book about Sintagmas for school. Continue reading “Book Shelf Tour 2018!”

A-Z reviews

A list of all my mediocre reviews for you to peruse at your own leisure if you want to know my opinion or if you’re just really bored and have nothing else to do.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚