Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secretes of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz


Publication Date: April 1st 2014

Goodreads Synopsis

Dante can swim. Ari can’t. Dante is articulate and self-assured. Ari has a hard time with words and suffers from self-doubt. Dante gets lost in poetry and art. Ari gets lost in thoughts of his older brother who is in prison. Dante is fair skinned. Ari’s features are much darker. It seems that a boy like Dante, with his open and unique perspective on life, would be the last person to break down the walls that Ari has built around himself.

But against all odds, when Ari and Dante meet, they develop a special bond that will teach them the most important truths of their lives, and help define the people they want to be. But there are big hurdles in their way, and only by believing in each other―and the power of their friendship―can Ari and Dante emerge stronger on the other side. 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I thought I was going to hate this. I deserve to burn in Hell for this thought even existing in my brain.

This book is precious. Literally everything about it is adorable. Dante needs protecting at all costs and I will fight anyone and everyone who hurts him.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this. I’d seen people go crazy over this. Literally is there any person online who doesn’t love this book? If there is I’m sure they’ve been murdered or something because I literally never see anything bad about this.

Well except by one of my favourite youtubers who didn’t like this which then in my mind translated to me probably not liking this.

However this came up online for free and me deciding to pick it up was both the best decision but also very stupid and irresponsible because I had exams!!! And I stayed up far too late but if I failed? Well it was worth it.

The timeline of this novel took me by a bit of a surprise. It is set over a longer period then I realised and there was also a plot line I thought they were going to follow but inevitably didn’t. Other then that though I loved this. Ari was complex and at times frustrating and also sent me into a minor existential crisis with all the questions he had running around in his brain but I really could not get this book out of my head.

Also can I personally buy both of their parents medals? All of them were so supportive and as with the rest of this book precious!!!!!

I am highly anticipating the sequel which is currently in the works although I am very nervous, same goes for the movie adaptation I’ve heard rumours about, but I definitely have to pick up a physical copy (hopefully I will do this in the next decade).

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