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Plank’s Law by Lesley Choyce

I received an E-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Publication Date: September 12th 2017

Goodreads Synopsis

Trevor has known since he was ten years old that he has Huntington’s disease, but at sixteen he is informed that he has one year to live. One day while he’s trying to figure stuff out, an old man named Plank finds him standing at a cliff by the ocean. It’s the beginning of an odd but intriguing relationship. Both Trevor and Plank decide to live by Plank’s Law, which is -just live.- This means Trevor has to act on the things on his bucket list, like hanging out with real penguins, star in a science fiction movie and actually talk to Sara–the girl at the hospital who smiles at him.
With the aid of Plank and Sara, Trevor revises his bucket list to include more important things and takes charge of his illness and his life.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Originally when I read this (before I started this blog) I had rated this 4 stars however upon sitting down now I’m debunking it 0.5 stars.

One night I decided to start widdling down my Netgally TBR and picked up my kindle, choosing a book at random, that being Planks Law and it was so good!
This follows Trevor, a sixteen year old boy who is dying. This short story is entertaining and heart-warming and although it’s less then two hundred pages I still managed to connect with Trevor, who narrates and also has his own uniqueness apart from being ‘the sick kid’.

This centres around him wanting to make the most of what time he has left. He also wants to find a girlfriend and reconnect with his old friend who moved away years ago. I felt like this was interesting but I wish him and his girlfriend had had some more time to be friends instead of them meeting and then two seconds later theyre boyfriend and girlfriend.

I debunked this down half a star because on one hand it was very entertaining and I was fully invested in the story, but on the other hand the pacing was very fast and I felt it needed to chill out a bit. This could be due to it being a short story, something I don’t read but I still really wish there had been an extra 50 pages.

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