Favorite Magic Systems // Top 5 Wednesday


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Another month and another round of monthly topics I’m very excited about! Especially this month because as everyone knows as soon as it hits the 1st of October it’s basically Halloween and I am ready for all things spooky and scary.

All topics can be found HERE.

So I’m sitting here and I’m realising that I actually haven’t read all that many books featuring magic systems which I’m very disappointed in myself in so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

1- Harry Potter


Cliché I know but this is a classic and even with all the JK Rowling drama going on I still love this world and it feels so authentic to how I always imagined magic being as a kid with wands and funny sounding spells.

2- Wizards of Waverly Place


Am I really including this? You know what, yes I am. Me being sleep deprived and running off energy drinks might be the reason this has made it onto this list but this show was the BOMB back in the old days and I loved it so much so infact that I had a backpack with Selena Gomez’s face on it. These guys literally had to compete for their magic in the family and that was pretty cool.

3- Six of Crows


Yes I’ve only read this book in the Grisha world but I think these Grisha powers seem so cool from what I’ve read and I’m looking forward to reading more from these characters.

4- A Darker Shade of Magic


This book I read very recently and really enjoyed and part of my enjoyment was because of the magical elements. I thought it was cool to see the different way magic is like in the three different worlds.

5- The Fairly Odd Parents


Now you know I’m really grasping at straws ok. But you know what, the prospect of kids getting their own fairly godparents is cool and Wanda and Cosmo are adorable.

Wow I did absolutely terrible this week. Thanks for being witness to the utter failure that was this post.

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