Wrap Ups

September Wrap Up



It’s October already. I’ve been back at school three weeks and already I have a history exam tomorrow and maths exam on Monday and all of this school stuff is really cutting into my reading time which is why I only managed to get to four books and a novella.

I’m not saying that four books isn’t a lot because it really is and me from last year would have been thrilled with that but this summer I managed to read so much as you can see with my August Wrap Up where I read 10 books.

But like I said with school starting it means my time is taken up with homework and that leaves me too exhausted to concentrate on the night and I can no longer stay up till 3 am reading because then I might actually die.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Finally I have read this book thanks to a few people on Tumblr pushing me towards picking it up and I absolutely loved it. I loved the non stop action and the humour and all the characters have become favourites. I of course immediately bought the sequel.

My review Here

Twelve by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


I absolutely love the Natural series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and so when I got a amazon gift voucher for my birthday I immediately purchased this novella set a few years after the series to my Kindle. I had a great time reading this and it’s made me want to go back and re read the series.

Rogue by Gina Damico


This third book, in what I thought at first was an enjoyable series, really left me disappointed. Maybe I wasnt in the mood to read it I don’t know but it didn’t bring me the same amount of happiness as the first book Croak and I found myself just wanting this to be over.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab


I read another incredibly popular book this year which I was terrified of. I’d tried picking this up in the past but then got hit with a slump but this second time around I had a great time. I loved the characters and the world and I’m glad I took another year to get to it because I feel like my reading ability has improved in that time so I wasnt as intimidated by the ‘adult fantasy’ and Victoria’s poetic writing as much.

My review here.

Wonder Woman Warbinger by Leigh Bardugo


I go forever (literally) without reading a Leigh Bardugo book to reading two in the same month. I decided to pick this up off my shelf on a whim and although I was nervous at first, after about 100 pages I came to fall in love with this rendition of Wonder Woman and the new original characters introduced.

My review here.

Although it’s probably going to take me some time to find a good schedule where I can fit in reading along with sleeping and school and my weekends working I really enjoyed the books I read in September and I’m looking forward to October and all the exams that are no doubt going to come.


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