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September Book Haul!

Buying books is the best feeling in the world and this month I got 7! Definitely a good month.

20180930_185349So the first book I bought myself this month isn’t pictured above because I totally forgot about it but that was Rogue by Gina Damico, the final book in the Croak series. I loved the first book in this series but unfortunately my enjoyment for this series went down hill from there.

Then because I survived my one exam I had to retake (and failed it 😂) I went all out and spent the last of my birthday money on six new books.

I am very excited to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I read the first book recently and loved it and I needed the sequel asap.

I decided on buying Solitaire because I love the Heartstopper web-comic. It’s so adorable and this centres around the same characters in the comic I believe. Also I have heard so much hype about Alice Oseman.

A Study In Charlotte is a book I have wanted for a long time and never bought until this month.

I barely ever buy new releases straight away but I was for some reason, so excited about City of Ghosts and bought it straight away. My only real dilemma was choosing between the US or UK cover. I think this will be a great October read.

Finally! Finally I own an Adam Silvera book! I’ve been saying for so long I want to read/buy one of his books for so long and I cant wait to read History Is All You Left Me.

Assassins Blade is another I’ve been saying I want to read for so long, especially since finishing Queen of Shadows. I think I want to read this collection of novellas before continuing on with Empire of Storms.

I’m very excited to get to all of these but knowing me most of them will no doubt sit on my shelf for months on end.

Behind the scenes of me taking that oh so aesthic (not) photo above:


2 thoughts on “September Book Haul!”

  1. Ooh it looks like you got so many good ones! History Is All You Left Me is one of my favorite books of all time; I hope you enjoy it as much I did! And ahh I’m actually reading Solitaire right now because I love Heartstopper so much too❤️ Great post!


    1. Heartstopper is so cute but with school starting up again I keep missing the updates, I cant wait to buy the physical version! I’m very excited for History Is All You Left me although very terrified.


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