Favourite Villains // Top 5 Wednesday


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It’s Wednesday my dudes …

So this weeks topic is favourite villains and I’ll admit I had trouble with this one. Partly because as soon as someone asks me my favourite anything I immediately forget everything I was ever interested in.

But I did manage to wrangle up a few to talk about today.

All topics can be found HERE

1- Holland (Shades of Magic)


I read A Darker Shade of Magic recently and I love Holland so much and to be honest I don’t know why. He was evil and yet so lovable ??? I hope he’s featured more in the rest of the books.

2- Literally all the teen wolf villains


Void Stiles, Peter Hale, Theo Raeken, the Kanima, the Dread Doctors. All of them were so appealing and interesting. The villains are defintily the best parts of this show (although lets pretend season 6 doesn’t exist)

4- Adalind Schade (Grimm)



I feel like this show is so underrated but its so good. I also feel like maybe I’m cheating because by the end of this series is she even really a villain? Either way I love her and I especially loved how her arc wrapped up.

5- Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals


#HeDeservedBetter. Fight me.

And now because I love breaking the rules:

6- Moriarty (Elementary)



I love her (even is she did hurt my babies Sherlock and Watson) and this show a whole lot.

My T5W’s just keep going down hill each week and I really do apologise but thank you for reading!


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