The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes // Series Recommendation.



This fast paced, teen murder mystery series consists of:

The Naturals. Killer Instinct. All In & Bad Blood


This series follows Cassie Hobbs, a natural at reading and profiling people, when she is recruited to join a small and pretty secrete division of the FBI known as The Naturals Program.

The Naturals Program is made up of Dean, Michael, Sloane and Lia, all who have a special gift that helps the FBI close cold cases.

Dean is a profiler just like Cassie. Michael reads peoples emotions. Lia is basically a human lie detector and Sloane is extremely loveable and also has the brain of a super computer more or less.

What Cassie doesn’t realise though when she signs up for this is that she’s in a lot more danger then she realises when a series of murders have an eerie connection to Cassie herself.


I love this series so much and with it being one of the first series I ever read, along with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, it’s the reason I currently love reading and YA so much.

Every single book is amazing. With each instalment I fall in love with the characters and the plot so much more. Also a lot of stuff goes down in these novels, they’re all overflowing with action and drama and it’s crazy what roads this book goes down and to look back by the time you finish the final book and see where the story started and where it ended it crazy.

Even though these are murder mysteries, to me at least, they’re very re-readable. I’ve read the first three books twice, I may have even read the first three times. And it’s great to go back and see what clues you missed the first time around.

I’m not going to say this series is totally unpredictable because it’s not, there were a few things I guessed but it’s a great introduction, I feel, to YA murder mysteries and thrillers and perfect for a younger audience who like shows like Criminal Minds, Law & Order etc.


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