Favourite Monsters // Top 5 Wednesday


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It’s Wednesday and today we’re doing the monster mash!


Ok no not really, I’m ill and catching up on Great British Bake Off and trying not to talk because I feel like I’m being stabbed in the throat but today’s T5W topic is favourite monsters.

All topics can be found HERE

1- Dragons


They’re a classic and I love them and I need more of them in my life.

2- Abraxos


When I first read Heir of Fire I imagine him to be like a deadly hippo with wings? Don’t ask me why that’s the imagine I had and to be honest still have of this deadly beast. I didn’t care much about Manon in book 3 so Abraxos was the best bit of her chapters.

3- The Niffler


Is he a monster? Does he class as a monster? I feel bad calling him a monster but he is part of the movie Fantastic Beasts so … Either way I’m taking every opportunity to look at this gif and I need more of him in the sequel.

4- Mallus


Legends of tomorrow is the greatest show in the entire world and the season 3 bad guy was amazing especially because it lead to that big end fight which I loved so much.

5- Mike Wazowski


Because I cant think of any other monster and he’s adorable.


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