Favorite Books Featuring Magic // Top 5 Wednesday


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This weeks topic I will probably somehow end up failing at is Favourite Books Featuring whatever I want and I’m going cliché and choosing books featuring magic.

All topics can be found here.

1- The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater.

tumblr_ov28ow72jc1r9qp2to1_500I’m taking Latin this year at school and everytime I’m sat in class or doing homework I feel closer to these guys and it makes me want to reread this series. I love how weird the magic is in this book featuring ghosts and psychics and I cant wait for the Ronan trilogy and the show.

2- The Bane Chronicles by Cassanra Clare (and others)


Isn’t Magnus Bane just dead? All of our favourite shadowhunters would probably be dead without him and his collection of stories were so entertaining.

3- Throne of Glass


(I tried finding new fanart with more badass magic scenes but Kingdom of Ash just came out and I was like dodging spoilers from all angles so I had to drop that)

Theres a lot of love/hate relationships with this series and I can definitely see why but I’m enjoying this series although I am only up to Queen of Shadows. Now that more magical elements have been introduced I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait to see Aelin kick more ass.

 4- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


So this isn’t even a book it’s a collection of comics of which I’ve only read 2 but I plan on reading the rest and of what I’ve read so far I’ve really enjoyed and found the darker witch/cult magic aspects really cool and I am so incredibly excited to watch the Netflix show.

5- A Darker Shade of Magic


I feel like I haven’t shut up about this book but it’s great. I’m only one book into the trilogy but I really liked it and I cant wait to see more of the magic system within this world and Kell and all the other characters being baddass.

This is probably the most on topic I’ve managed to do in a while so well done me. Pat on the back.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Books Featuring Magic // Top 5 Wednesday”

  1. Lol I’m with you on not shutting up about Shades of Magic. ITS TOO GOOD! And ahh I always want to reread The Raven Cycle, I miss that group!

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      1. Saaame! I’m so nervous for the tv show because I feel like they could mess it up pretty badly but I’m excited. Also the Ronan trilogy… I NEED IT.


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