Characters I Would Cosplay // Top 5 Wednesday


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Happy Halloween!!!! 

My plans for the night are to wrap myself up in as many blankets as I can find, stuff my face with sweets and popcorn, finish the last 80 pages of my book and then when it gets dark start The Haunting of Hill House which is apparently terrifying and I want that in my life.

Todays topic is Characters I would cosplay/dress up as. All topics can be found here.

The Doctor

tumblr_pg8trkfQvG1r76to2o1_400.gifIsnt she just adorable? I love the doctors new outfit and it also looks incredibly comfortable and literally my fashion sense revolves around comfy-ness.

Celaena Sardothien (specifically in her assassin suit)


In another world where I have the money to actually have a decent costume and also the confidence to pull it off, I’d love to go as Celaena from Queen of Shadows. Look how freaking badass she looks. With the red coak and all any one would be terrified. Too bad I’m riddled with insecurities.

Lila Bard

fd9b3783128054f8bfc54f0751b2a435Lila has this badass functional pirate aesthetic going on and I dig it.

Anna Korlov

anna_s_pain_by_jackie_pumpkin-d6hghwjThe ghost from Anna Dressed In Blood would make a pretty good costume. The white dress covered in blood with some grewsome makeup making it look like I have a slit throat and dark veins slowly making their way up my face. So cool!

A Palmetto State Fox


I wasnt going to include this but you know what I’m trash so here it is.


I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 👻🎃


6 thoughts on “Characters I Would Cosplay // Top 5 Wednesday”

  1. Love the doctor. I tried to stick to just book characters in my list otherwise it would have been up there. There would have been a few of the male doctos too. (Tom Baker’s scarf).

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