Book Shelf Tour 2018!

I recently had my bedroom decorated and it looks so cool and it meant I had to reorganize my shelves which is simultaneously very stressful and fun at the same time.

I’m currently pretty happy with how they are and I figured while they’re still looking good and presentable I’d show them off.

20181021_223346So here we have my first set of built in shelves. The top shelf is what I refer to as My Dissapointment Shelf because literally every book on this shelf minus a few which I haven’t read (including Nevernight and I swear to god if I don’t like this I will riot).

Under that we have my IDK Where to put these shelf where as the name would suggest, I didn’t know where to put them including some childhood books and a book about Sintagmas for school.

20181022_164037Then I have my Shadowhunter shelf which is accompanied by a lil cow money bank and a stuffed dolphin I won at the fair like three years ago. I cant wait to add Queen of Air & Darkness and the new bind up of novellas to my shelf along with all the other stories that will no doubt be added to this series.

20181021_223300Here is my Rick Riordan shelf which is lowkey my pride of joy. Also up there is my little brothers school photo which is photobombing the shelfie.

20181021_223818I don’t know what these shelfs are called. These IKEA shelves aren’t attached to the wall so every time I take a book I feel like they’re going to fall on me but you know what that fear is worth it.

20181021_223927My mix of mismatched Harry Potter books take centre stage along with a bunch of adorable funko pops, Jacob is my favourite. And there’s Cursed Child as far away from the main series as possible.

Never did I think I would have a contemporary shelf and yet here it is and I love it.

20181021_223527I like these shelves a lot.

The top shelf I don’t know what is. It includes a few disappointments I wanted out of the way as well as the large collection of Marissa Meyer book I have no room for.

And then there’s the Top Tier shelf. Literally a collection of some of my favourite books. Also happens to be the shelf with mismatched copies in series which pains my soul but oh well. Spirderman is there to make me happier.


Again, no real order to this shelf but I think it looks pretty good and the colours work well. Ignore the really ugly carving thing up top there from 2nd year art class it’s there because I bled over that and I want to show that off.

Then at the bottom is big hardbacks I needed out the way plus a selection of dictionaries.

So those are my bookshelves. They’re messier now then they are pictured here. On the topic of the pictures I do apologise. They’re terrible and I tried to add a filter to cover up the terribleness but it didn’t work so here we are.


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