Friendsgiving // Top 5 Wednesday


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So I totally cheated here but as someone who’s doing three exams and a project this week instead of eating delicious turkey, I’m gonna carry on cheating.

All topics can be found HERE

So I’m doing more Friendsgivings I’d want to be apart of which as a non American AKA non Thanksgiving celebrator it makes sense for me to be imposing on someone else.

The Legends – Legends Of Tomorrow


I love these guys and I fall even more in love with them with each new episode and I would love to be part of ne of their parties.

The Foxes – All For The Game


They’re all precious and deserve all the happiness holidays bring.

Thirteenth Doctor and the Gang


Again with this gang being PRECIOUS as fuck! They’re all British so they don’t celebrate thanksgiving but I suppose I could tag along as they tag along on someone elses celebrations.

Izzy O’Neill – The Exact Opposite of Okay


Izzy is hilarious and so is her granny and I imagine their thanksgiving dinner would also be full of hilarious-ness

The Blackthorns- The Dark Artifices.


This family is amazing. I love them all so much.

This is up really late but that’s because I had a 5pm exam which is a stupid time for a physics/chemistry exam but then again anytime is a stupid time for a physics/chemistry exam so …

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