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Rainy Day Book Tag🌧

Yes another book tag! School is crazy right now and that’s seriously cutting into my reading time which means I have nothing to review/talk about.


The weather here in ‘Sunny Spain’ has not being living up to it’s name recently. I was literally locked out of school in the rain, about to be late for a really important exam yesterday and so I thought why not do The Rainy Day Book Tag?

This tag was created by That Bookie

Rain: Pick a book that makes you cry every time you read it.


I mean I’ve only ever read Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare once but the end had me sobbing and since then I’ve read short stories and any mention of these characters has me bawling.

Puddle: Pick a book where the world is underwater or mostly around water.


Shearwater by D.S Murphey is the only mermaid book I’ve ever.

Rain boots: Pick a book with a character with a damned SOLE (soul)

5bf674d92ff4808b55ac836b8216f5d7--the-characters-character-art.jpgI haven’t read the sequel but as much as I love him you have to admit his soul is pretty damned.

Umbrella: Pick a book that was big and comforting.


The Kings Men by Nora Sakavic is just over 400 pages so it’s not exactly ginormous but big books are less comforting and more terrifying in my opinion but I really loved this book.

Rainy day movie: Pick a book that was turned into a movie that you love to watch on rainy days


CONTROVERSIAL OPINION but … I actually like this movie and now that I’m writing this I’m thinking a rewatch is in order.

Coffee: Pick a book that you couldn’t get enough of the HOT and STEAMY romance.


I gotta admit I’m not much of a romance kind of girl but there have been a few that were cute that kept me reading. I admit the romance in Ship of the Dead lessened my disappointment of this final book.

Poncho: Pick a book with a main character who has an amazing best friend.


Adorable and underappreciated.

Gutters: Pick a book where the world is dirty and grimy in the way that you would imagine it.51n9SeEQoTL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Grey London. And White London too to be honest. Really the only ones who seem to have got a good thing going is the Red Londoners.

Cuddly pet: Pick a book that had out of this world or very enjoyable animals in it.

23848145Reasons I chose this book: 1) It was the top Throne of Glass book in my image thingy. 2) I cant think of another book with cute animals. 3) Fleetfoot and Abraxos deserve all the love in the world.

Sweet treat: Pick a book that had the sweetest ending.

I had to put Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue because this ending was so cute!! And after the emotions of Ari and Dante they deserved that cuteness. this ending brought.

(I’m pretty sure Ari and Dante had a happy ending but now I’m starting to doubt myself so if anyone has read it more recently or has a better memory then me let me know please😂)

Hopefully with me posting this the weather is going to be offended and brighten up a bit so I don’t have to sit in class for six hours in a constantly damp jumper.

The only good thing about this has been the inspiration for this post … and also getting to miss P.E.

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