Books to Give Teenage Girls as Gifts // Top 5 Wednesday.


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I am a teenage girl and I’m here to recommend books for other teenagers of the female variety. (I mean the male variety can also read these but that’s a long title).

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You know now that I’m thinking about this I am literally the worst teenager ever because I don’t do anything except watch telly and eat pizza. I’m failing at being my own age but here we go:

1- The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven


I’m just trying to pimp this book out to as many people as possible because it is AMAZING!!! It follows a hilarious girl called Izzie who is caught up in a sex scandal when her nudes are leaked. It just really shines a light on the things girls have to put up with and the culture around sex shaming and what it does to the victim. It does an excellent job at showing such a serious topic while also not making it feel too heavy by having such a witty and sarcastic narration.

2-Trust by Kylie Scott.


This book is a super sweet romance featuring a plus sized girl who is also dealing with the aftermath of being held at gun point in a gas station robbery. I feel like there’s not very many books where the protagonist is fat but the story isn’t about her fatness. I think it’s so important that different body types are shown in books and movies especially to kids my age cause these years of our lives are for eating as much pizza and cake as our body’s will allow and not worrying over big thighs and crap like that.

3- Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls


I read this collection of stories recently and loved both the biographies of all the amazing women as well as the  art that accompanies them.

4- Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas.

23848145Using QoS cover cause it came up first and I’m lazy.

This series is awesome, (at least it is up to book 4 which is the last one I read) and I think it’d be a great gift even if the gift receiver in question isn’t a huge fan in reading because Celeana is a really good character (at least in my opinion I know she can be a bit hit or miss). What I love about her is how she’s so strong, how she goes through so much in her life, is an assassin and knows a million ways to kill her man and yet still likes the little things in life. She likes the dresses and the cute dogs (and the cute boys) and the staying up all night reading. She shows that you can be girly and badass all together.

5- The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith


I wasnt sure what to go for with this fifth pick but I think this is a pretty good choice even if it does cover a pretty hard hitting topic. This book follows a girl called Eden through her 4 years of high school, starting with the night she was raped by her brothers best friend. Obviously when I’m recommending this to fellow teenagers I mean teenagers 16+ and not 13 year olds. Please do not give this to 13 year olds. This book isn’t overly graphic but it is so moving and I cried so many times. It shows the effects on not just the victim but on her life and on her family relationships and how she lives with everything that’s happened.

So those are my recommendations, like I said I’m failing at this whole ‘teenage years, best years of your life thing’. The movies lie. It’s all stress, not knowing what to do with my life and eating pizza. Thank you for reading 🙂


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