806 by Cynthia Weil

*I received an ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review*

36338624.jpgPublication Date: March 13th 2018

Goodreads Synopsis

Sibling 1 throws blenders and plays guitar. Sibling 2 is allergic to everything and is into magic. Sibling 3 is a varsity swimmer with a group of female fans. Enough said. The only thing they have in common is their biological father, and the only thing they can agree on is that they all want to meet him. With the help of a broken-down, “borrowed” Jeep, KT, Jesse, and Gabe make their way across the country evading police, trying their luck on the slots, and meeting a life-changing pig, all to track down Donor 806, their father. Any hope of success requires smarts, luck, and ingenuity. Good thing they have each other…even if they don’t see it that way.

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My Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Ok this was a weird one.

This follows a bunch of kids who were conceived by a sperm donor and all want to track him down which to me seemed like a cute kind of roadtrip with new siblings things and that really interested me.

To start with I really wasnt enjoying this. The main character KT kind of came across as a bit of a bitch and the writing was pretty juvenile.

I actually considered DNFing this because I wasnt in the mood but I like to stick books out till at least half way through before putting them down unless I feel myself slipping into a slump and I’m pretty happy I did this time.

As the plot made a bit of a weird turn which includes a guy getting hit in the junk and him asking the person who hit him to make a sperm donation in his name so he can get the 50 bucks.

Somehow this was the turning point in the story for me and when I started kind of enjoying myself. I kind of started taking it for what it was and just going with the ridiculous ride.

I did have a few problems with this the main one being that everything was just so convenient. Like everything was basically handed to them and they were all like “oh, what a coinky-dink” (I have no idea how to spell this).  And like the author added in a psychic/hippie type character as if to be like “see everything happens for a reason like I said”.

Also I had a problem with the fact that KT had died black hair with a blue streak and after using this shampoo (accidently) one freaking time she was suddenly blonde again! No that’s not how it works! What was that girl using? Some sort of magic black hair back to blonde hair potion? Where the hell was that when 14 year old me wanted red hair and then had red hair and blonde roots for the next two years!!!

Yes this may be petty but it’s valid.

So yeah. For the most part I was thinking this would be a 2 star and I can’t say I’d recommend it to anyone but then I started getting pretty entertained and I liked how the 3 kids grew and grew together which boosted my rating up to 3 stars.

2 thoughts on “806 by Cynthia Weil”

  1. I read a lot of books like this, books that are semi-good without being anything to write home about. I’m glad you started liking this after a while though, that’s happened before with me which is why I try to give books the benefit of a doubt up to a certain point, like you. Nice review! 🙂


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