2018 Movies I Loved!

In 2018 I spent all my money on three things: Pepsi, books and all the movie releases.

And it was worth it because Pepsi is and will always be amazing and I watched a lot of great movies this year. I have narrowed it down to 12 I want to talk about and I managed to not have them all be Marvel movies by some miracle.

Incredibles 2- Going to see this movie was how I decided to spend my 16th birthday because I may technical be 16 but I will always be a six year old on the inside.

Crimes of Grindlewald- I was terrified going into watch this. I actually considered not paying to see it and being a bad human and watching it online after it’s release because like I said I was scared. But, although it wasnt as good as the first movie, I loved being back in that world and being with Newt who I love. Also BABY NIFFLERS!!!

Oceans 8- A movie featuring 8 A-List celebrity women who steal from the MET GALA. Obviously I was going to watch this.

Avengers: Infinity War- This is being added to the SKY movies soon on my TV and the advert said something like “and enjoyable movie for the whole family”. WRONG! This movie breaks hearts and blackens souls! I’ve watched this three times now (twice at cinema), and I’m not ready for part 2. Also shoutout to the guy I sat next to on my first viewing because his gasps and squeals added so much to the movie.

Venom- When I saw the trailer for this I thought it looked pretty stupid. But then reviews started coming out and critics hated it but everyone else kind of fell in love and that made me watch this movie. I ended up really enjoying it, it was my kind of weird.

Deadpool 2- The friend I went to see this with knew I was weird but I think now he’s scared of me because while he was cringing away from the gore in this movie I was there laughing like a 3 year old.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before- Wasnt this the cutest movie in the world? Everybody loved this, including me. It also shot Noah Centineo and Lana Condor to huge success and now I have a crush on both of them. Cant wait for the sequel which has been recently announced!

The Hate U Give- I recently finally read the book and I HAD to watch the movie straight after. I’m kind of annoyed this didn’t get a bigger push into the main stream though, like it wasnt even playing here in spain which is annoying because this is a wonderful story and the movie was great.

Love, Simon- I literally forgot this came out in 2018! I know I’m terrible but I could have sworn this was a 2017 release! This movie was adorable and I loved it so much.

This is a strange trio of movies to group together but these may possibly be my favourites of the year so …

Bohemian Rhapsody- I went to see this last week with school. For English class we rented out a whole cinema room (?) and nearly the whole school was there. I absolutely loved this movie. It’s got me into a Queen obsession at the minute and I’ve been watching loads of old interviews and stuff. The attention to detail and the acting was AMAZING!

The Nun- I’ve watched this movie twice so far. My poor mum is going to have a heart attack with me making her watch all these movies with her. It was so good. And I recently found out there’s a Annabelle 3 coming out next year so I’m very happy.

Spiderman Into the Spiderverse- This movie is a work of art. Enough said. I went to see this last night with my little brother and it blew me away. This is definitely a movie I will be watching again and again. I can’t wait for the sequel and that after credits scene was so good! They included a freaking meme!

So those are my favourite 2018 movie releases. There were a lot more I watched and enjoyed and a lot I unfortunately didn’t get to but really wish I had like: A Star is Born, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Crazy Rich Asians, Robin Hood, Dumplin.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them soon and love them but then again I’m terrible at following through with watching movies so who knows. Has anyone else watched any of these? Is anybody else nearly bankrupt from watching so many movies?

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