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December Wrap Up



I was just here, minding my own business, writing my favourite books of 2018 post, talking to Buddy the bearded dragon my brother got for Christmas and minding my own business when I realised it was the 30th of December!

When did this happen! How has the month gone by so fast!

I kid you not this wrap up is going to be a surprise for me too because this month was crazy with exams and I do not now what I did or did not read so … lets go!


Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan in Spanish- I did not read this whole thing this month, I merely completed the last few chapters so I could do my report for school and get them grades you know. (Thanks to me finishing this I passed Lengua in the first term, something that never happens!) . All I have to say is that Magnus’ sass is legendary, even more so in Spanish.


Prisoner of Azcaban Illustrated Edition- Never again am I reading a Harry Potter book while it’s that time of month because oh my god I kept crying! Just random moments or lines had tears falling down my face and then my mother would laugh at me. Still super fun though and the illustrations were amazing!


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas- I did it! I managed to read this before the end of of 2018. I’m so proud of myself. This was a really great read, so powerful. I also watched the movie the next day and LOVED it. Full review HERE.


806 by Cynthia Weil- I got this as an arc, getting a kick start on my resolution for catching up on netgalley arcs. It’s about sperm donor kids going on a road trip to find their donor. The first half I did not enjoy, I didn’t like the main character all that much, however after the 60% mark I got more into it and took it for what it was and ended up getting some enjoyment out of it. Full Review HERE.


Talon by Julie Kagawa- I finally read this after having it on my self for what feels like an eternity. Its a book about dragons which I though held a lot of potential but sadly did not live up to my expectations. Full Review HERE.


I then read 3 of the Ghosts of the Shadowmarket short stories by Cassandra Clare and friends this month. I read: Every Exquisite Thing, Learn about Loss & A Deeper Love. I’m really enjoying them so far and I have the others on my kindle ready to read.


People Like Us by Dana Mele- I mentioned in my November Wrap Up that I picked this up but sadly had to put it down due to exams but I picked it back up this month. I flew through it in about two days but sadly once again it wasnt as good as I thought it was going to be which is painful to me. I felt it was pretty meh, and I didn’t do a review because I really didn’t have enough opinions on it to warrant a review.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare- I like pain apparently because I decided “hey how about I reread the first two books before picking up book 3“. I am an idiot. I loved rereading it. I absolutely ADORE Mark and I love Kieran. I am simultaneously terrified and excited to reread book 2 and pick up the final book.


9 From the Nine Worlds- This was a nice short read which I loved because I love everything Riordan does however… how dare he imply Hearthstone is romanticall interested in anyone other then Blitzen! How dare he not make them officially cannon. How dare he only include one line from Alex about Magnus! I just need more Magnus Chase in my life. (I did get a chapter from Amir though so that’s good)


The Copper Gauntlet- I actually finished this yesterday and it was fab. They’re actually really short books which I forgot so as much as I want to savour the series I’m no doubt going to be marathoning through them quickly.


And then finally I’m 64% of the way done with Sumer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman. This was free on Riveted but I’m pretty sure that expired. I was really looking forward to this read because of asexual representation. There was a brief line about it but so far not much more then that. I don’t know whether I’ll be finishing this before the end of the month or even at all.

So all together that’s about 8 books plus a few short stories. Well done me. That’s really not a bad way to end the year.

1 thought on “December Wrap Up”

  1. You read a lot of books. that is great. Of the ones you read i have in my reading list, Summer Bird Blue (for de asexual theme) and People like us, both of them seem really nice.
    And i’m envying your commitment, because I have been so focused with the end of the year that I have not yet done my December Wrap up… Have a great day.

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