YA Retellings I’m Interested In // Top 5 Wednesday

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Hello, and happy Wednesday!

Todays Top 5 Wednesday topic is a freebie! And so I figured I’d talk about my Top 5 YA Retellings I want to read.

Retellings of fairy tales and of classics are huge in the young adult community but to be honest, there really aren’t many I want to read. As you can tell by the title of todays Wednesday post, there are five I’m interested in.

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1- Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce


This is a retelling of Red Riding Hood I believe … but with werewolves! I’m not about to turn that down especially when I found it for cheap on my Kindle. Continue reading “YA Retellings I’m Interested In // Top 5 Wednesday”

Mini Reviews: Fence // The Deceivers // Marriage of Unconvenience


Hello! Today I’m trying something a bit different. Basically I have three recently read books I want to talk about but don’t have enough thoughts for a whole review. So I’m combining them all here with mini reviews for each.

Fence Vol. 1 by C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad (Illustrator), Joana Lafuente (Colorist)

36373825Publication Date: July 31st 2018


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The Top of my Netgalley TBR

Hello people and welcome back to my blog 🙂

Today I am naming and shaming … myself.

Netgalley is a holy sight of amazingness allowing book lovers and reviewers early access to upcoming releases and I use it often. I’ve been using the site for about two years now. At the start I was doing really well at keeping up with what I requested but then a book slump hit and I kept requesting things and not reading leading to a whole lot of ARCs on my TBR left to read.

I figured today I’d share the books that are my top priority to read. These are the books with the most recent release dates unlike some others which have been on standby for over a year now.

I feel like if I read the newer releases it will motivate me to read the more backlist novels too.




The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons

Welcome to Vale Hall, the school for aspiring con artists

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Top of My TBR // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello and happy Wednesday … except it’s not all that happy because I’ve got so much History and Latin studying to get through I think my head is going to explode.

Anyways I’m taking a break and drinking some tea and talking about the books on the top of my TBR.

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1- Watch us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

43194811So this is me taking further steps to actually read the books I request from Netgalley and this is being published some time in February so once I’ve finished my current ARC I’ll hopefully start this. Continue reading “Top of My TBR // Top 5 Wednesday”

Book Review: Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare *spoilers*

Hello 🙂

Last week I finally completed The Dark Artifices series by reading the final concluding novel, Queen of Air and Darkness and I have a hell of a lot of feelings. I did a whole non spoiler post about The Dark Artifices and all my opinions on the series in general but now I just need to talk about this book because I have a lot of feelings and emotions.

20190106_11012118044670.jpgBehold the beauty that is this book!
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Cliché First Book Haul of the Year :)

Hello 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, this may be going up a little later in the month but I totally bought these just a couple days after Christmas, even though I got a bunch of books then, and they arrived on the 2nd. I have a problem.

So I have 5 books I’ve been wanting for a long time and can’t wait to read.

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2018 releases I’m DISSAPOINTED I didn’t get too // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

Todays topic is Most Disappointing Reads of 2018, however, I already did this before the end of the year so I’m changing it up a bit.

Basically I’m going to be talking about five books that were released in 2018 that I’m sad I didn’t read or buy or anything.

1- All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages

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Intriguing 2019 Releases.

2019 is the year for amazing book releases and I am going to be so poor by the end of it all.

So a couple of Wednesdays ago I made a list of my most anticipated 2019 releases that I cannot wait for! But then I started reading and watching other peoples posts and I realised … I’m screwed.

And in the end I had to do another post with the six books I’d recently discovered because, although I don’t know much about most of them, I am so excited.
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Hyped 2019 Releases I Don’t Care About // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello 🙂

Happy Wednesday! This is up a bit late because school started back up yesterday, I already feel sleep deprived but I’ve filled up on Chinese and ready to go.

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I have done really well so far in the duration of this blog to keep up and participate every week and I’m gonna try and carry that on into the new year.

Let us begin with the 2019 releases I don’t care about.

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