2019 Reading Resolutions

I love how as a species we start off each year by lying to ourselves: “I’m gonna go on a diet”, “I’m gonna keep my room tidy”, “I’m gonna keep up on my homework and study well in advance”.


And then by the third week you’ve eaten ten pizzas, you can’t see your bedroom floor and you’re drowning in projects with an exam tomorrow which you completely forgot about.

At least that’s how it goes for me and I intend on bring that same false hope to my reading life with some Bookish/Reading Resolutions.

1- Read some classics

This was something I wanted to do last year and I didn’t because like I said. I lie to myself. I did try reading Dracula on kindle, and also read like 2 pages of Picture of Dorian Grey but old books have so much confusing descriptions! I do want to read at least one though, I’m hoping aiming low will help in achieving this.

2- Actually read Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Falling_kingdomsSoo …. I read book one like 2 years ago with every intention of reading on but as you can probably tell I didn’t do that. I haven’t read much high fantasy besides Throne of Glass and this series will be good for me getting more in that genre. Plus I own the first four books so I want to read at least the first two this year.

3- Reread Harry Potter


This and also Falling Kingdoms were both included in my  Series to Finish in 2019.

I realised recently that I’ve only ever read the last four books of the series once. In 2018 I reread the first three and so now I want to continue on and by the time December rolls round I want to have reread them all.

Also I finally got my mum to read the series and in a month she’s up to Order of the Pheonix and I’m so proud.

4- Catch up on Netgalley Arcs

I have so many. It’s actually a problem. Send help.

In all seriousness I really want to widdle my netgalley TBR down. I’m gonna make a list and everything so I know what I’ve got left to read. And this includes trying not to request EVERYTHING no matter how much I would like to. I will do it I swear!

5- Unhaul Books

I don’t know what I have against unhauling books. At this moment in time I’ve got a fair few books on my shelves that I don’t want. I didn’t like them, I have no intention of rereading or continuing on with the series and yet I get really sad about thinking about giving these away.

I need to get over this because I intend on expanding my collection with new books and I’m gonna need the space. Also whats the point of them sitting and just collecting dust when there’s other people who could get some enjoyment out of it. I think the best thing for me to do will be to start small and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be rid of the ones I no longer want.

Do I think I’ll achieve these resolutions? Probably not but I can always hope. 

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