ARC Review: Watch Us Rise by Renée Watson & Ellen Hagan

*ARC courtesy of Netgalley*

43194811Publication Date: February 21st 2019

Goodreads Synopsis

Jasmine and Chelsea are best friends on a mission. Sick of the way that young women are treated even at their ‘progressive’ New York City high school, they decide to start a Women’s Rights Club. One problem – no one shows up. That hardly stops them. They start posting everything from videos of Chelsea performing her poetry to Jasmine’s response to being reduced to a racist and sexist stereotype in the school’s theatre department. And soon, they’ve gone viral, creating a platform they never could’ve predicted.

With such positive support, the Women’s Rights Club is also targeted by trolls. But Jasmine and Chelsea won’t let their voices – or those of the other young women in their city – be silenced. They’ll risk everything to be heard and effect change … but at what cost?

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Drop what you’re doing and go pre-order this book!

I truly cannot find fault with this book and I want everybody to go and read this.

This story follows two best friends Jasmine and Chelsea. Both are so passionate about what they believe in and after a series of events the girls decide to establish a Womens Rights Club at their progressive school and this turns into a whole movement.

The school Amsterdam Heights which they both attend sounds so cool. For example in their science class they learn about how eating healthy is harder for those in poorer neighbourhoods. How scientists used Henrietta Lacks cells for research without her permission. I pity them when they get to college and have to know about basic science but it still sounds so cool.

I’d love to go to that school although that school is definitely no place for a tiny anxious bean like me who shits herself whenever someone so much as looks at her.

I loved how this story is told: switching between the perspectives of Chelsea and Jasmine, blog posts, poems, illustrations.

Talking about the poetry, its not something I usually enjoy but good God these were so powerful and inspirational! I believe it’s Ellen Hagan who wrote the poems and can I just say she is so talented!

This book talks about so many relevant and important topics: being plus sized, racism, feminism, family members with cancer, sexual assault.

Chelsea is definitely the more outspoken of the two of them but she’s also ignorant to things. I really enjoyed this being shown because Chelsea is young and of course doesn’t have all the answers. I enjoyed watching her learn about the new things she’d previously being unaware/ignorant of.

The relationships in this book were on point. There are two separate romance storylines going on, both play out very differently but I enjoyed them both. Also both the main characters had great families behind them.

Overall this book was extremely entertaining and inspiring. There wasn’t a dull moment. I picked this up during studying for an exam and I was always so sad when I didn’t have time to pick it up.

I highly, highly recommend!

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