Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With // Top 5 Wednesday

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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Todays topic is love interests I would have broken up with.

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I don’t have any past experience with relationships, unless you count when I was 10 and my friends set me up with a boy in my class because I was moving to a different country and I’d never had a boyfriend.  Top notch 10 year old logic.

We were together on the Thursday. Sat next to each other on the carpet, ours knees touching, me feeling very awkward. He wasn’t there on Friday leaving me with a weekend of being anxious because I didn’t like having a boyfriend until I made my friend break up with him for me on the Monday.

Yeah … so what I’m taking a very long time to say is that these are the fictional characters I would totally get my best friend to dump on my account:

1- Gideon (The Ruby Red Trilogy)

51NPBA2ybALI didn’t like this dude. It was obvious from his firs appearance he was going to be the love interest and I just was not into it at all. He was too secretive and I know it’s “cause he had to be” but there were no other redeeming qualities to his character in my opinion. .

2- Aspen (The Selection)

I’ve only read book one, but I didn’t understand the point of his character? I can’t remember specifics but I remember he really got on my nerves and the fact that his name reminds me of Aspirin the pill didn’t help either. I felt like I needed an aspirin every time he showed up.

3- Dimitri (The Vampire Academy)

91si6wPcRQLI feel like this could be classes as “an unpopular opinion”, possibly? I found him more tolerable then the previous two but I didn’t get why Rose was so hung up on him. I shipped her with the other dude, whose name I can’t remember, the vampire one? I also don’t know if they’re end game cause I still haven’t read the last two books.

4- Margot (Paper Towns)

51bFpxOgujL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Does she count as a love interest? I’m just going to go with yes, considering how hung up on her Q was. I didn’t like this book. If I was Q I would not have stressed so much over Margot. Just go on Tumblr and find yourself some other hipster girl.

5- Derek (Greys Anatomy)

06ef59c3b5ad8e6b69719ea8449f1d93I didn’t realise how much I actually didn’t like Derek until *spoiler alert but then again it has been like 4 years so…* he died. I still get teary eyed when there’s a big mention of him but that’s more because of Merediths feelings. Towards the end of his life span on the show he just got annoying.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12My bestie is gonna have her hands full breaking up with all of them for me. All they gotta do now is leave a super weird message in my going away card and then I never have to think about them again.

Thanks for reading.

Elli x

9 thoughts on “Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With // Top 5 Wednesday”

  1. I loved this list. i’m with you in almost everyone (except Gideon because i didn’t read that book). But men… when i read Aspen i was like “yeah”. I read the first one and half of the second. In the first one I was in team Maxon, and they were falling in love, so I liked it. But in the second one Aspen is there all the time and she is saying “oh… i don’t know who should I choose”. And I were like… “What? Why? How?” And that was one of the reasons i didn’t end the book.
    Dimitri, after he became a strigoi, got pretty bad. So I didn’t liked him. Derek is a cheater. And Margot… I think john green tried to made a point about the idea of Maniac Pixie Dream Girl: a boy who idealizes the idea of a woman, and then he notices that this “idea” is not true, hence the revelation at the end. But… he ended up with two really bad characters, who I disliked. And the line about the hipster girl is a 10.
    Great list.

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