2019 Releases I Forgot About.

Hello and happy Monday!

2019 is the year of great book releases, already I’ve read some really great ones and there are still so many more to come but the other day I realised that there’s a few (3) that totally I forgot were coming out this year!

And so here I am to talk about them 🙂

1- Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

ninthhouseThe cover was released for Leigh Bardugo’s newest release recently and I got so excited all over again. I’ve seen a few people say they hate this cover but I really like it! I think the all black cover with the snake is super creepy and cool and will look awesome in hardcover.

This book is not a young adult novel and apparently things get really dark! Yes! This is what I want! It follows Alex Stern who’s offered a full ride at Yale in exchange of monitoring the occult activities!!!

It sounds so cool and like something completely different to anything I’ve ever read and I am so ready!

Release Date: October 1st 

2- Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

43876229.jpgTunnel of Bones is the sequel to City of Ghost, the middle grade novel about Cassidy Blake who has the ability to see ghosts and who’s “ghost hunter” parents are travelling the world filiming their new TV show.

I had a really great time reading City of Ghosts although I did think it could be better. I really liked Cassidy and her best friend, a ghost, named Jacob. The first book is set in Edinburgh which provided a really great backdrop for the story. This time Cassidy is in Paris which sounds so cool! I can’t wait for this and I’m really hoping it’s even better then book 1.

Release Date: September 3rd 

3- The Tyrants Tomb by Rick Riordan


Book number four of The Trials of Apollo series comes out this year and I forgot! For someone who is absolute trash for all things Rick Riordan I really dropped the ball here.

Ok so, this series really conflicts me. I loved book one but I didn’t love the following books as much as I wanted to so maybe me forgetting this books existence is due to that? Another possible reason is that book three emotionally scarred me, and many other so do I really want more pain?

Obviously I’m still going to buy and read this because like I said I am trash!

Although I may not have loved this series as much as other Riordan works I still do find this story highly entertaining. I love the humour and the cameos! The release got pushed back so maybe I’ll find myself re-reading the first three books before its release.

Expected Release: September 24th

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12I’ve way overused the word “forget” in today’s post but oh well. Thank you for reading!

Elli xx

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