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Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About // Top 5 Wednesday

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Hello and happy Wednesday!

Before I begin talking about this weeks topic I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for 100 followers! That’s absolutely mental but thankyou so much for all the support. šŸ’•

Now into this weeks topic which is ā€¦. Bookish things I’ve changed my mind about!

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1- Dog earing pages

ERB5.gifThis gif has nothing to do with books but its a dog with adorably floppy ears and I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share this with other people. Ā 

So I used to dog ear pages of books when I was a kid and then it turned into this big taboo when I really got into reading and I thought it was sacrilege if you did it but now I’m like “meh” on the whole idea.

If it’s someone else’s book that you do not own then no don’t do it, but if it’s your own go ahead and do whatever you want. Turning the end of the page isn’t going to taint the story inside and to be honest it makes the book look read and loved.

2- Hardbacks


Don’t get me wrong I still love the aesthetic of a shelf full of hardbacks with gorgeous spines but the novelty has kind of worn off now. Overall Paperbacks are so much better!

They’re cheaper, easier to carry round, less awkward to hold! Also Floppy Paperbacks are the most amazing thing in the world!

3- Ebooks


Physical books will always be my favourite method of reading and I used to be very proud of that fact but now I think Ebooks are amazing!

Just like with paperbacks, Ebooks are cheaper, easier to read etc. I mainly use my kindle for Netgalley Arcs and also books I’m kind of interested in but kind of not that I find for cheap and it’s great! The fact that I can read in secrete at night thanks to my Kindle has really done wonders for my reading life although my sleeping habbits have kind of gone down the toilet.

4- Unhauling!!!!!


Before I had as many books as I do now, I never understood why somebody would want to give away the books they spent so much money on, I was always in the mind set of “even if you don’t like it at least it makes your shelf look nice”.

Now however, I’m all for unhauling. I actually unhauled some recently and I’ve got a post on that scheduled for ā€¦ I can’t remember when but soon. I totally understand now, passing on books you didn’t like and don’t have room for anymore, onto someone else in hopes that they’ll get more enjoyment out of them then you.

5- Lending Books to Friends ā€¦ Never Again


I always loved the idea of sharing my books so that other people can read and enjoy them ā€¦ that was until I lent a few books out AND NEVER GOT THEM BACK!!! And by this point I’m too nervous to ask so I’m now missing the first books in both the Percy Jackson and the Vampire Academy books. šŸ˜­

And so now I only give my organs, aka my books, to my real friends who won’t keep them and break my heart while doing so.

BONUS-Ā  Book Adaptations


I did this last as a bonus cause I do still LOVE books being turned into movies/shows and there’s still a bunch I’m dying to see, still loads of books I want to see an adaption of but ā€¦ I just don’t get as hyped any more.

Something always disappoints me; either they cut out an amazing line/scene/character, or they completely change the material or in the end it just get’s cancelled anyways, and I’m left a crying mess.


Considering I didn’t think I’d have much to say for this weeks topic I really went all out on that.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for 100 followers! (I really hope nobody unfollowed my in the time it took to write this post cause that would be embarrassing)

Elli xx


15 thoughts on “Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About // Top 5 Wednesday”

  1. Ohhh my god, I am missing some books that I’m sure I must have let people I’m not friends with anymore borrow and I can never not get mad about it. I don’t lend my books to anyone now lmao it’s just easier that way. Great list!

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  2. Yeah. I used to lend my books to my family… it was such a bad idea. They never give them back.
    And i get you with the hardbacks. They are beautiful, of course, but, they are hard to carry. I have a edition of Harry potter and the order of the phoenix. I can’t read it. It’s really big and uncomfortable…
    Good list šŸ™‚

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