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Mum Goals // Top 5 Wednesday


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Hello and happy Wednesday!

Todays topic is Mother Figures. It actually took me a little longer to compile this list because to be honest most mums in fiction are either dead or just not that great.

All weekly topics can be found HERE.

1- Jean Milburn (Sex Education)


This past weekend I watched all episodes of Sex Education (it’s literally 8 episodes so it wasn’t that hard) and I fell in love with Jean. She’s a sex therapist and the mother of Otis, the main character. She has a her flaws like all mothers do but I love hers and Otis’ bond. Plus she’s hilarious.

2- Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson)

tumblr_pn0z4eXm9T1xdcfovo1_1280Sally Jackson is the real MVP.  (I don’t know if I’m using that in the right context but what I’m trying to say is that she’s amazing).

Link to Art

3- Ma Mary (Derry Girls)

I couldn’t find a suitable gif to show her amazingness so instead take this video of her season 1 best bits. Honestly I’m obsessed with this show!

4- Mellissa McCall (Teen Wolf)


(By “one of these” she means a body bag. She’s literally threatening a 15 year old with death and I love her)

Yes it’s 2019 and I’m still talking about Teen Wolf. Let me live!

Mellissa reminds me so much of Sally Jackson. Nobody could handle having a teenage alpha werewolf who get’s into a whole lot of supernatural shit with his friends quite like her.

5- Gansey (The Raven Cycle)


For the lolz but also not. I feel like it’s universally accepted that Gansey is the mum friend and he deserves the recognition this mothers day.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12Thanks for reading 🙂


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