Wrap Ups

April Wrap up



Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m wrapping up the books I read in April. I didn’t actually think I’d read that much this past month but I actually managed to finish 5 and I did also dnf something.

So not all that bed in terms of quantity but the quality of what I read really could have been better.

Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling- I absolutely LOVED my reread of this and flew through it. I cried because apparently I always cry at Harry Potter books nowadays. I blame all the emotionally traumatising fics and headcannons I read on tumblr at 2am. Either way I can’t wait to carry on re-reading the series.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman- I thought I’d carry on the magic school theme. I had high hopes with The Magicians. I had a great time watching the first three seasons of the show but unforutnaly … I hated the book. I didn’t like the writing or the characters. I’ve given up on both the book series and maybe the show as well since that problematic season 4 finale.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- Another I wasn’t a huge fan of. Don’t get me wrong I liked this enough but I was kind of expecting more. I am looking forward to reading Carry On though.

You Can Change the World by Margaret Rooke– I DNF-ed this. I got it from Netgalley and it was a series of essays by teenagers of inspiring things they’ve accomplished. It was good but I wasn’t really all that into it.

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare (& friends)- I was feeling kind of slumpy and so I randomly picked this up one night and had a great time reading it. I especially love all Raphael Santiago and Ragnor Fell content.

The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Caroline Flarity- I managed to squeeze this in towards the end of the month. It was mildly entertaining but nothing amazing.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12Thanks for reading.


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