Mini Reviews: History is All You Left Me & Orpheus Girl.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be talking about two recent LGBT reads: History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera & Orpheus Girl by Brynne Rebele-Henry 🙂

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

91wIRDzfBqLPublication Date: January 17th 2017

Goodreads Synopsis


History is All You Left Me is a book that I have been wanting to read since it’s release. It was so incredibly hyped back in 2017, literally everyone was reading it and finally, 2 years later, I have read it. Although sadly I didn’t enjoy it all that much.

In this story we follow Griffin whose ex-boyfriend and love of his life, Theo, recently dies. It’s set over the two timelines of History and Today, before and after Theo’s death. It tells the story of Griffins love for Theo and his grief as well as Griffin getting to know Theos current boyfriend Jackson.

In the beginning I enjoyed the romance between Griffin and Theo, I thought it was pretty sweet, but as the story progressed I shipped them less and less and in the end as more things are revealed. These two characters are quite flawed, something looking back on now I enjoy because they’re teenagers of course they’re not going to have their life together and of course they’re going to be growing apart from each other as they move on with their lives.

I have never been in love nor have I ever lost anybody that I love, the two major themes of this novel, so maybe that’s why I felt very disconnected from the story and couldn’t sympathise with Griffin, who at times, really got on my nerves.

This book, as well as of course having LGBT rep, also has representation for OCD and I am no expert on that but I did enjoy how later in the story a character who Griffin (and me) comes to care about points out that he should seek treatment and shouldn’t let it keep limiting his life. I really enjoyed also how this character pointed out that Theo had been almost glorifying (this might be too strong a word, again, I am no expert) Griffins “quirkiness”. I really enjoyed and appreciated that whole conversation.

In the end I came away from this book feeling pretty disappointed due to both the hype around it’s initial release and also with this being my first Adam Silvera novel.  I’m hoping that if I read anything else from him I’ll enjoy it considerably more.



Orpheus Girl by Brynne Rebele-Henry

*ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


Publication Date: October 8th 2019

Goodreads Synopsis


This book was not what I expected and that’s completely my own fault. I looked at this book, without reading the synopsis, and I saw a sweet cover with nice pastel colours and two girls holding hands and I thought “oo a sweet f/f romance”. Although this is a f/f romance it is definitely not sweet.

TRIGGER WARNING!: Suicide, Transphobia, Homophobia, Conversion Therapy, Torture including shock therapy. 

This book follows two girls living in a small, very religious town. They’ve been in love for years but when they’re discovered kissing they’re sent off to a conversion

I did not “enjoy” this book. I feel like there was no possibly way I could enjoy reading about such horrific events and themes. I was, however, very interested in the story and characters and, once I got over my initial shock of this being nothing at all as I expected, I was very compelled to keep reading.

I feel like in some ways this was a very important book for me to read. My experience with LGBT+ reads has been full of adorableness and fluff with really only small amounts of homophobia either internalised by the main characters or from side characters. And so I think being reminded of how bad some people have it, even now in 2019, was very important.

I definitely do not recommend reading if you are even slightly triggered by anything mentioned above because it does go into quite a lot of detail.





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