Dad Goals! // It’s Wednesday My Dudes

Hello and happy Wednesday!


As I’m sure everybody’s aware, Top 5 Wednesday is on hiatus while Sam takes a well deserved break and so that means every Wednesday post is gonna be more of a car crash then normal since I’m in charge of choosing what I talk about. Yay!

It was recently fathers day so considering I talked about some Mum Goals I figured I’d also shine a light on some great father/father figures.

1- Colm Fahey (Six of Crows)


Jaspers dad deserves the world. Imagine thinking your kid was off studying at university when actually he’s up to his eyeballs in debt, joined a gang and is then one of the most wanted criminals in the city and is being shot at. My parents’d kill me! But not Mr Fahey

2- David Wymack (All For The Game)


Somebody buy this man a giant bottle of alcohol. He needs it. He taken in all the troubled kids from shitty backgrounds and he gives them a home! Everything the Foxes put him through really is above his paygrade but he puts up with it anyways. Everyone loves Wymack.

3- Sherrif Stilinski (Teen Wolf)


He did not know what he signed up for in the slightest. But he goes along with it anyways because he loves his son and his sons crazy friends. I could genuinely write a full essay on my love for Sherriff Stilinski.

4- Keith Mars (Veronica Mars)


There’s a chance he’s here on this list because I’m still so excited after watching the trailer for the revival but also, I always loved his and Veronica’s father/daughter relationship.

5- Paul Blofis (Percy Jackson)


Give this man a medal, please and thankyou.

6- Tony Stark


Don’t mind me, I’m just going to go find a dark room and sob my eyes out now 🙂

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12Round of applause for some great fictional dads.  👏👏👏

Thank you for reading!

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “Dad Goals! // It’s Wednesday My Dudes”

  1. Tony… oh. I’m sniffing in my insides. In the MCU he was such a good role model, and he seemed to be a really cool dad…
    The sheriff Stilinski was one of my favorite dads in TV. He always seem so done with stiles sch… but is obvios that he is willing to support him no matter what just because he loves him.
    Great list 🙂

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