Book nerd things I want to do!

Hello and happy Wednesday!


Today I have decided to talk about some Book Nerd Things I Want To Do. Eventually. In my lifetime. Preferably before I die.

1- Buddy Reads


I have buddy read a book once in my lifetime and that was A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab with a friend online and it was so much fun. Being able to talk theories right there and then freak out with somebody else. It’s definitely something I want to do again except I have no friends so if anybody ever has the urge to buddy read, let me know.

2- Meet Authors


I want to bow down before them and thank them for the happiness and pain they have caused me. I want their talent and amazingness to rub off all over me. I want to learn all of their secretes. I’d also really like it if they could autograph some books because I think signed books from the author themselves would be a cool thing to have in my collection.

3- 24 hour reading challenge


I just want to read for a whole day, with no interruption. I feel like I need to build myself up to that though because I’m always so easily distracted. Maybe this summer will be the time to do it. Also I need to train my body to consume multiple energy drinks and not die. So…

4- Book Convention


BEA, Book Con, YALC, I’m really not fussed. I just want to be with my fellow book nerds and have a great time.

5- Publish my own book.


Yep. Cliché but it’s something I do want to achieve before my departure from this world. I have lots of ideas in my head but that never really translates onto paper. I get one chapter in and get distracted by a shiny new idea. But once I get my shit together I’m hoping to get published 🙂


So those are 5 book nerd things I want to do before death. Was this a car crash of a post? If yes, please let me know. Either way thank you for reading.

Elli xx

4 thoughts on “Book nerd things I want to do!”

  1. I love doing buddy reads. If you’re interest in readathons there’s one next month called 24in48. I’d love to go to book convention and meet authors but unfortunately I’m poor and I live in a country no author wants to visit.


    1. I’ve never heard of 24in48 but I’m definitely going to look into it.
      Ugh tell me about it, I live in Spain and there’s nothing here and I’m also too poor to fly out to places. (Although V,E Schwab was at an event in Madrid a few months ago and I was so jelous)


  2. I also keep saying I’m actually going to do a readathon. I really should get on that.
    Also, meeting authors is ALWAYS something to geek out over. Even when you ARE an author…signing books at the SAME EVENT. Walked away from my own booth once to get a book signed by a personal fav haha. It’s the best!
    Love this post! 😉

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