Favourite Movies of 2019

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Today I’m going to be talking movies! More specifically the best movies of 2019.  So far this year I’ve watched 11 of this years new releases and lets just say I’m happy I didn’t pay full price for most of them.

I have, however, managed to find 5 movies of 2019 that I’ve watched so far this year that I really enjoyed and want to talk about. I’m really interested to see which movies from this list make it to my favourite of the year.

(In order of when I watched/remember watching them)

Captain Marvel

71K3S+Tk4OL._SY679_This movie was amazing!!! Like yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions and stuff but I will not hear a bad thing said about this movie. It was absolute perfection. From Fury and Goose to Carol Danvers being an absolute badass. I loved every second.



So I don’t plan on this being in my favourites of the year and if it is then the movie industry has really let me down this year but it can make the halfway top 5. I got dragged to this by my best friend and thought I was going to hate it but you know what, I ate my popcorn and I had a good laugh and I rate movies on how much I enjoy them so here we are.

Then Came You


I was not expecting much from this movie but it was good! Maybe I’m biased cause I like Asa Butterfield and I like Masie Williams but I was crying at the end of it. Like full on tears. High recommend you watch this.



My brother wanted to watch Godzilla for his birthday so I convinced/forced him to pick this instead and that was the best decision I ever made. Literally every second of this movie is beautiful! I was dancing in my seat to every song. 10 out of 10!!!

Detective Pikachu


And the award for the cutest movie goes to … I literally couldn’t handle how cute this movie was. My brother and I watched it and all we could say was “aw”. Also I like Pokémon now. Never have before but this movie turned me. I mean look at this:


black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12There are still a few movies I’m looking forward to this year: Spiderman, the new fast and furiost (it looks highkey ridiculous but I still plan on watching), IT chapter 2. Also a whole bunch I just haven’t gotten to yet: Rocketman, Brightburn, others I cant think of right now. But these have been what I have enjoyed most so far.

I would like to note that After beating out Avengers Endgame hurts me on a emotional and a physical level but I just couldn’t have it in my top 5. I just couldn’t do it.

Has anyone else watched any of these movies? Or any other movies from this past year that are worth a watch? Thanks for reading!

Elli xx

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