Mini Reviews: Prince Charming & Her Royal Highness👑

I spent my weekend binge reading Prince Charming and also it’s companion novel Her Royal Highness both, of course, by Rachel Hawkins, and I had such a good time!



I’ve been seeing these two books everywhere and so when I bought books recently, I couldn’t help but pick them up. After reading and falling in love with Red White and Royal Blue a couple of months ago I was dying for more Royal Romance especially Queer Royal Romance like Her Royal Highness.

I thought both of these books were great fluffy reads with very compelling characters. Both were so easy to read, I flew through them. One of my favourite things about both of these is that the side characters are very well developed and each have their own distinguishable personalities and I came to care just as much about them as I did about the main characters Daisy and Millie.

Another thing I loved was the news/gossip articles throughout both of these. It really added to the story and for some reason I was getting almost gossip girl vibes from them.

I genuinely don’t think I can pick an absolute favourite between the two. I love them both for different reasons.

With Prince Charming I did connect more with the main character Daisy then I did Millie from book 2. However I did find the ending of this first book to be a little underwhelming and to be honest kind of anticlimactic. I personally wasn’t totally crazy about the romance between Daisy and Miles in general, although there were some cute moments I didn’t think they had crazy amounts of chemistry.

Some things I really did enjoy from this first book were: the Royal Wreckers, prince Sebastian’s friend group. I enjoyed seeing Daisy interact with them and I wish there had been more of that. I also really loved Daisy’s parents, her dad in particular was amazing.

With Her Royal Highness I enjoyed the romance aspects more than in book 1 although it did take longer then I expected to get into that. Millie as well it took me a little time to warm up to but I put that down to my love for Daisy and the fact that I picked this up right after. I enjoyed Princess Flora as a love interest. She had layers to her and I enjoyed seeing them be stripped away.

I also loved the cameos from Prince Charming characters except now I’m left dying for a third book which I think could be totally plausible. If there were to be a third book revolving around the wedding with the royal twins Seb and Flora, Miles plus our two American main characters Daisy and Millie getting into all sorts of trouble I would totally read that.

I’m very interested in first of all seeing the wedding but also I want more from Seb, seeing how his character develops and definitely more from the Millie/Flora relationship. Rachel Hawkins please give us a book three. I’m begging.

I highly recommend checking these two books out. They’re not the most amazing works of literature in terms of writing but still, they’re very entertaining and enjoyable and just overall a really good time!


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