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It’s my birthday and I got books! // Book Haul

Hi and hello and a very happy August!!!!

Before I get into this blog post I just want to give fair warning that I’m writing this at 1am because I’ve been playing Sims all night and I’m a busy bee tomorrow so this is what I’m left with. You’ve been warned.

So yesterday (today for me) was my birthday! Yay, a whole day of being tagged in ugly photos on Facebook by family members I haven’t spoken too in years. Woo.

I’m 17 now, a Dancing Queen according to the Gods AKA Abba. All jokes aside I had a great day eating birthday cake for breakfast, drinking beer around the pool (drink safely kids) and my dad lying to a bar owner we know and saying I’m 18 so I could get a beer. I’m forever one year older when we set foot into that bar now.

Also I got 8 books!!!!!!! Which is clearly the most important part and it’s what I’m about to start blabbing on about now 🙂

20190804_100907.jpgMy brother is such a poser.

  • Alex Approximately & Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennet – I have absolutely fallen in love with Jenn Bennets books over the past few months to the point where I dedicated a whole post to her. I have no idea what these books are about but they’re the last of Bennetts published YA contemporaries so I’m excited to read them.
  • Vicious by V.E Schwab– Shwab is a queen who deserves all the love. I’m not even saying this in regards to her books. I follow her on Instagram and she’s the sweetest person in the world. Everyone raves about this book so of course I’m looking forward to diving into this at some point.
  • Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers- Whats this book about you may ask? I have no idea, I may reply. All I know about this is that there may possibly be female fantasy assassins and really that’s all I need to know.
  • Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston– I have an actual physical copy of this book and I am so excited!!! I’ve read this. I’ve loved this. I’m genuinely considering re-reading it because this book is just that good.
  • Sadie by Courtney Summers– This book is a very hard hitting, emotional book that comes with many trigger warning so I’ve heard. I may be a wreck once finishing this book but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this.
  • Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian– This book is even prettier in person!!! This is one of my most anticipated of the year. This is another I know is going to be break me but I am so ready to be a shell of a person by the time I finish this.
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama– I hadn’t even finished unwrapping this when mum said she wanted to borrow it. I love Michelle Obama she’s so cool. I’m not even American but please can she run for president. Life would be so much better.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12So those are all the books I received today/yesterday/what even is time?

I apologise again for the possible terribleness of this post. Reading back this doesn’t sound so bad but that might be because my eyes are pretty heavy and half closed.

Big thanks to my parents who are never going to read this but the sentiment of my love and appreciation is out there in the world now so I’m sure they’ll feel it in their hearts.

I’m going to sleep now but thank you for reading. Any recommendations for what I should start first would be most welcome because I literally do not have a clue.

Elli xx

11 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I got books! // Book Haul”

  1. A late happy birthday, and I hope you love Vicious! It’s my favorite Schwab book, and she’s one of my favorite authors also because she’s lovely and just amazing irl.

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  2. Hello! Those are a good selection of books! Glad to have found this essay of book hauls, because I also blogged my September book loot from an online shop of book sale from Book Duke: I’d appreciate it if we continue talking about our books and TBR lists, and if you follow me because I’m just new here in WordPress. Thanks! Belated happy birthday!

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