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July Wrap Up



Hello and happy August! There’s a chance I’ve already wished you a happy August already but I really don’t know. My posting schedule is all over the place at the minute and I have no idea what’s going on.

So as you can probably tell by the title of todays post I’m wrapping up most of the books I read in July! I’m pretty conflicted on how July went in terms of reading. I completed 7 books this month as well as three more during the Reading-Rush Readathon so it was good, however I have done literally nothing this month so I was hoping I would have read a bit more.

Anyways, time to jump into the 7 books I read. I’m not including books read during the Reading-Rush Readathon because I have a whole post dedicated to what I read and my overall experience which you can read: HERE :p

Completing my Raven Cycle Re-Read

tumblr_ov28ow72jc1r9qp2to1_500(I’m including fanarts of my faves cause I’m too lazy to find the actual covers. It’s 1am please don’t judge me)

This month I re-read both Blue Lily, Lily Blue and then of course The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. I started my re-read of this series during school when I read the first book in Spanish, and then last month I re-read The Dream Thieves.

I had a great time reading these books. I forgot how much flirting there is in these books! And how overall bizarre these books can be! It was a blast. I love them all and I seriously need Call Down The Hawk in my life A.S.AP!

I’m still not over Red, White & Royal Blue so I read …

20190708_131412I’m not even ashamed to say my love and obsession for Red, White & Royal Blue, a book I read months ago, is what pushed me into purchasing and then picking up these book.

Prince Charming follows Daisy Winter whose sister is marrying into the Scottish royal family and she has to go to Scotland to blend and get to know everyone etc. I loved Daisy, she was so much fun and I saw a lot of myself in her.

Her Royal Highness follows Millie who goes to a Scottish boarding school where she meets Princess Flora and:

roomates.gifI saw the opportunity and damn right I took it. 

These were great summary reads, super fast to get through and really entertaining. I just really need a 3rd book. I want a third book with all of these characters interacting during the wedding and more shenanigans and scandals! Rachel Hawkins please I am begging!

I also did a joint review for these books which you can read HERE.

Feisty Southern Bells are my jam.


I was not expecting to like Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes as much as I did. In this we follow Sawyer who is offered 500 000 dollars from her grandmother to take part in the debutante season/ball/idk I’m from East Yorkshire.

I read and loved Jennifer Lynn Barnes series The Naturals and it’s still one of my favourite things so I had high hopes.

There wasn’t as much grittiness in this book as there was in that series, not as much high stakes either so I was a little disappointed in that respect however I really enjoyed the characters and the Southern/Texas feel. Like I said I’m from East Yorkshire and yet I was reading the voices in my head in a southern accent.

I read 2 arcs. It’s not that much but I’m patting myself on the back anyways.


The first ARC I read was The Seduction Expert by Saya Lopez Ortega. I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review however once receiving the ARC I was told not to publish my review if I couldn’t rate it higher then 3 stars.

I gave this book 2-ish stars. I did write a review on Goodreads however because I did agree to these terms I didn’t give this a star rating although in the future I don’t think I’d be comfortable reading a book I was told not to rate truthfully. 

I then read 100 Days of Sun Light by Abbie Emmons which I received from Netgalley and I had a great time reading this! This follows a girl who goes temporarily blind and a boy offers to run hr blog for her, what she doesn’t know and what he doesn’t tell her is that he is an amputee. I highly recommend this book.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12I’m reading through this and thinking maybe I should stop writing posts at 1am.

I had a really god reading month this past July although I do wish I had read more. August is my last full school-free month so I’m hoping to make the most of it and read a shit ton of stuff.

Elli xx

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