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Dystopian novels terrify me // Top 5 Tuesday


Hello and happy Tuesday!

In today’s Top 5 Tuesday we are talking Dystopian and genuinely, there is no other genre that terrifies me more. I feel like this stems from the fact that each day our society gets closer and closer to being something from a work of fiction and every time I pay attention to the news and current world events my brain flashes to depictions of dystopian societies in fiction and I’m basically like “Fucckkkkkkk“.

What I’m taking a long while to say is that these books scare me and I barely ever read anything from this genre so todays post should be interesting.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shannah @ Bionic Book Worm 🙂

1- The Hunger Games


Hunger Games is the most iconic dystopian book, the series we all think of and really what kicked off my fear of the genre. Part of me feel likes I should go back and rewatch/reread this series because I do think now that I’m older I’d see things in a completely different light besides just “omg is Katniss gonna choose Peeta or Gale” and I’d pick up different things then I did when I was twelve and read these but I just can’t do it. Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve.

2- The Handmaids Tale


I’ve never read the book. I’ve never watched the show. To be honest I don’t ever want to do either but holy shit this world that Margaret Atwood created scares the crap out of me. My mum watches the show religiously, every week but nope, I never want to watch/read this even though I know it would be a great read.

3- The Selection


Does this count as Dystopian? All the Goodreads lists are saying yes so here it is. If I had to live in any dystopian world I think this would be my top choice. I read this book a few years ago now and barely remember anything besides the dude Aspen getting on my last nerve and me finding his name funny. I’ve never continued on with this series but I think I definitely would.

If I had to choose a dystopian world to live in then I’d much rather try and get a prince to marry me then take part in the hunger games.

4- Divergent


I do not like this series. Granted, I’ve only ever watched the first movie but still. First of all I don’t understand it, second of all I just don’t see the point. It doesn’t help that this past year we watched this in class for philosophy while talking about “freedom” and stuff so being graded on talking about this book didn’t help me like it any more.

5- The Maze Runner


I hold my hands up and admit that the only reason I watched this movie, the only reason I was remotely interested in this franchise was for Dylan O’Brien. This came out right around my “I love Dylan O’Brien” phase and since growing out of that, although I did enjoy the movie, I’ve never had no desire to continue on. Previously I would have considered reading the book however I heard people say it was slow and I just couldn’t be bothered.

(I may also be holding a grudge against Dylan O’Brien being seriously injured on set which later down the line lead to Stiles not being a very big part in the final season of Teen Wolf) 


So those were basically 5 books I don’t like, some of which I’ve only watched the movie of and one of I’ve never had any experience with whatsoever. It was a mess but when isn’t it? Thank you for reading 🙂

Elli xx

10 thoughts on “Dystopian novels terrify me // Top 5 Tuesday”

  1. Out of these I’ve only read The Hunger Games (love) and Divergent (didn’t love so much) but I haven’t read a dystopian in a LONG time. I do want to get to The Selection soon though as it seems like a nice dystopian not a creepy one haha

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  2. I’ve watched and read most of these but I would make The Handmaid’s Tale first because fighting a bunch of kids to death seems better to me than possibly getting raped every month and not being able to speak my mind or read.

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