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Reading Twilight 10 Years Later … it was an experience

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog. Today we are discussing Twilight because I want to re-live my childhood. 🙂


I, like many other people back in the 2010s, was full on OBSESSED with this franchise growing up.

I remember being around 8 years old and buying the first book from my pocket money from Asda of all places! My aunts (they’re twins) are only 10 years older then me so they were just as into as me and which lead to movie binges with lots of junk food of the first 3 movies and then watching Breaking Dawn in cinema.

It was a dark time. Dark but great. 

And so here I am, nine to ten years later at the age of seventeen and I decided “hey, I’m gonna re-read Twilight … for science”. And so I did going as far as to take “in depth” notes as I did.


The writing really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting

low expectations.gif

I admit, I went into this expecting the worst. I think this boils down to the fact that so many people make fun of this series and also the fact that like I said I was literally eight years old during the height of my obsession so I can’t say I was expecting amazing-ness.

I’m in no way a critical reader/reviewer, as long as it’s not terribly disrupting to my reading experience I really don’t focus on the writing as much as the actual plot/characters so don’t take my word for it but I genuinely didn’t think the writing was the worst thing ever.

The dialogue on the other hand … It was awkward to say the least. I don’t know whether teenagers in the early 2000’s were just really advanced but the teenagers I hang around with do not speak like these did. Except Jessica.

I grew up and turned into Bella Swan


No seriously. I genuinely think I grew up to become Isabella Swan.

We’re both awkward, pale, think people hate us after one bad meeting, feel weird about the idea of living with our biological fathers (although Charlie Swan is great and deserves a hug). I really saw myself in her and I can’t say I enjoyed that fact all that much.

Also Bella Googling vampires when she thinks Edward and his family may be these supernatural creatures is something I would 100% do.

“I’ve always been good at repressing unpleasant things”.

I read this line and out loud I was like FAT SAME!

Reading these at the age of eight it was no big deal to me when it’s mentioned that Bella is seventeen because seventeen years old sounded ancient.

But reading now it’s crazy to me to think I’m the same age. I’m a baby! She’s a baby! What is she doing falling in love at seventeen! And then going on to get freaking married and have a monster baby a year later! What. The. Fuck!

Overall I actually quite enjoyed Bella as a character. Was she annoying at times, mainly when discussing Edward? Yes but this is YA Paranormal Romance from years ago so that was expected.

(Also Jacob’s only newly 15!!! What. The Fuck!)

I forgot so much!

The end pages of my copy were yellow from age and the amount of time’s I’ve read this in the past but I’d forgotten so much stuff!!!

For example I forgot that the town of Forks think Edward, Alice and Emmet are actual siblings and they think Rosalie and Jasper are twins. I forgot that Carlisle is only around 23 years old.

And, the most mind blowing of all is that this iconic moment …

Doesn’t happen in the book!!!

No. In the book they’re riding along in the car after Bella is nearly attacked down a dark alley and it’s a totally chill conversation. I was shook. And then Bella goes on to say:

“I am unconditionally, irrevocably in love with him”

Because this is clearly the correct reaction to finding out your crush is a centuries old vampire who admitted to wanting to drink your blood.

We stan one immortal Drama Queen Edward Cullen. 


Honestly I can’t help but love him. He’s had over a century to practise the art of being a dramatic little shit and trust me, he’s mastered it.

“I decided as long as I was going to Hell, I might as well do it thouroughly”. 

You’re having lunch with a girl in a crowded high school cafeteria Edward not sacrificing a dozen virgins or slautering a litter of puppies. Calm down my dude.

10 pages in and I was a hard core Twihard all over again

God that’s such a terrible fandom name. I’m ashamed.

In all honesty I had a great time re-reading this. It was like a flashback to easier times.

I think what added to my enjoyment was the fact that a friend and I started debating things all over again and I was fully sucked back in.

I have plans to continue on re-reading the series and documenting my experience as I go. I’m also considering re-watching the movies, of which I obviously own the whole boxset of.


So there was my expiernce of re-reading a childhood favourite.

Thank you for reading.

Elli :p



10 thoughts on “Reading Twilight 10 Years Later … it was an experience”

  1. I never really read Twilight (I think I read books 1 and half of 2 before stopping) but I didn’t love it. After reading this though part of me wants to reread out of curiosity?
    It’s so crazy that they’re so young though?! I’m 16 and couldn’t imagine falling in love to that intensity at this age!!😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly if you go into it with literally no expectations and just enjoy the ride I think you’ll get more enjoyment from it. It’s fun to pick up on the hilarious things.
      Also same the only thing I love more than my life is ice-cream and my pets.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I reread Twlight last year, I think and I still like Edward. I never liked Jacob and it didn’t change while doing my reread. I don’t understand why some readers need to make people feel bad about liking this series or fifty shades which was originally Twilight fanfiction. Breaking Dawn is actually the second oldest book I own. I didn’t get to reading until back in 2011, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly if you don’t like something you’re free to share your opinions but there’s no need to judge other people for liking/disliking it.
      Also, same. Twilight is probably the oldest book I own/willingly bought. A true relic.


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