Book’s I want to read from a different POV

Hi, hey, hello and happy Thursday 🙂

So today I’m talking about books that I would happily re-read … from a different characters perspective.

These are all really popular series that I enjoy so I’m probably going to re-read them anyways but a girl can dream.

TWILIGHT from the perspective of …


Ma boy Edward.

Not going to lie, during my time re-reading twilight (which you can read all about here) I wanted to be in Edwards head, more because I think it could be highly amusing and entertaining then because I think it’d add anything to the story.

Wasn’t this like an actual thing though? Wasn’t Meyer going to write the book from his perspective but then it got leaked?

Hey, @ Stephanie Meyer where is it I need it?

PERCY JACKSON from the perspective of …


Ma badass girl Annabeth Chase.

I know part of what makes Percy Jackson series so entertaining is Percy’s inner voice but I think Annabeth could be just as a hilarious narrator.

I want to see her perspective of Percy’s crazy antics which sure sound totally valid in his head but from an outside view are totally crazy. Also Annabeth Chase is a great character in her own right.

HARRY POTTER from the perspective of …


The legend that is Professor McGonagall. 

Who doesn’t want all seven books from Minerva McGonagalls perspective. I want to read first hand about her exasperation, flashbacks to the Marauders when the Golden Trio are doing something cray-cray. I want her yelling at Dumbledore because yes I love him but he needs yelling at. I also want to know more about Minerva McGonagall herself.

I. Want. It. All.

(Except I don’t trust JK Rowling enough to actually write it and not make it weird so…)

SHADOWHUNTER CHORNICLES from the perspective of …



Raphael Santiago

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he is my spirit animal! His reactions are all hilarious and a fat mood.

I will happily take any Raphael Santiago content I can get my hands on but I would love a novella bind up of him interacting with the main gang and just being totally “done” with them all but getting dragged in anyways or like … his diary from the Mortal Instruments time period.

I don’t know what I want I just know that I want it.

ALL FOR THE GAME from the perspective of …


Stabby boy Andrew Minyard



The coach that does the most David Wymack

Yes I’ve read a few fanfics about the series in Andrews point of view but I want a full novel I can stick on my shelf. Andrew is a really complex character in many different ways and I think his POV might break my heart but oh well. I’ve already cried over this series.

I want a Wymack point of view because it would be hilarious. Just him putting up with the foxes on a daily basis would be hilarious but add in: the mafia, murders, Neil identity, Neil and Andrews perplexing (to outsiders) relationship, plus that whole deal with Kevin that he learns about in book 3.

Like, dude just wanted to help troubled kids and coach Exy and he got dragged into so much crazy. Give him a pay raise you cowards.


So there we go, five series I’d love to read from another characters perspective. If any of these were to become a reality I would probably be severely disappointed and maybe even hate it but I like the idea of these in my head. Thank you for reading 🙂

Elli xx

15 thoughts on “Book’s I want to read from a different POV”

  1. I forgot that the The Twilight altered POV never went out, because i firmly remember reading it (yeah…). I didn’t even think of a Harry Potter book from mcgonagall perspective, but now that you said it, is something i need.
    Great post.
    Have a nice day.


  2. I didn’t realise I needed most of these until you mentioned these….
    I definitely read Midnight Sun but it was actually kind weird seeing everything happen from another perspective!
    – Emma 🙂

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