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Did I complete my summer TBR??

Hi and hello and welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

So today was my second day of school, I’ve come home with homework, a headache and that oh so familiar feeling of dread with my brain saying “u stoopid” so I can officially say that the summer holidays are over.

I can also officially say that college sucks and I want to go back to nursery and live out my finger painting dreams. Can someone make that happen please?

Basically in my last week of school back in June I made myself a TBR to read during my three months off and we’re gonna take a look to see if I actually stuck to that. I genuinely don’t remember so I gotta admit I’m nervous to see how bad I’ve failed.


  • Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes — Yes I did!😊

I actually read this towards the start of summer and I loved it! This book follows a girl called Sawyer whose rich grandmother shows up one day and offers her 500 thousand dollars for her to enter in a debutante ball with the chance to find out who her father is at the same time.

I liked Sawyer, the main character and although overall I found the mystery/thriller aspects underwhelming and that revelation in the last few pages was like “wtf” I had a great time reading this.

I’m from Hull in East Yorkshire with the accent and taste in beer to match but I was reading this in a southern belle voice inside my head which was hilarious to me.

  • A Gatherin of Shadows by V.E Schwab — No but I’m actually not mad about it. 😢

I might not have read this but I did read Vicious by V.E Schwab so at least I got one of her books ticked off the list this summer.

  • Zac & Mia by AJ Betts — Unfortunately πŸ˜‘

I read this during my last week of school and it was torturous to get through. This follows two kids who meet at a hospital during chemo treatment and they forge a friendship/relationship. I really was not a fan, the writing was weird and the characters were annoying.

  • When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon — The Reading Rush made me do it.

I read this for the Reading Rush, even if I did finish it a day or two after the readathon ended. This follows Dimple who goes to a coding camp where she runs into Rishi, the boy her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her with.

I thought this was ok. Not the best especially considering the hype around it. I liked the characters and especially reading abour another culture but they did annoy me at times and I didn’t like the ending all that much. I’m still glad I read it though.

  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas — I tried and got like five pages in. 😁

I tried reading this during The Reading Rush but I wasn’t really in the mood. I barely even got one chapter in before giving up.

  • Timekeeper by Tara Sim — Again. I tried and I failed πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

I feel like I’m going to enjoy this and so when I picked this book up and wasn’t getting into it I decided to set it down for another day because I do want to give it a fair shot when I’m in the mood.

  • Solitaire by Alice Oseman — Didn’t even try and pick it up😌

I am dying to read more of Alice Oseman besides just the Heartstopper comic and yet I NEVER PICK UP HER BOOKS!!! Why am I like this?

  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer — Yes and I’ve talked about it way to much πŸ€—

When I put this in my TBR I genuinely didn’t think I’d actually read it but I did!!! It was like such a flashback to an easier time when I didn’t get stress headaches on the daily.

This book wasn’t perfect by any means and I’m not saying it doesn’t have its problems because it does and Edward can be kinda … wierd but sometimes you just have to not think too hard about things and just go with the flow and let loose.

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12So I mean I read 4 out of 8 books on my TBR which isn’t too bad although I did overall read 21 books this summer.

I have to go memorise the Greek alphabet for class tomorrow (it’s literally quarter past ten at night right now so I’m leaving it a bit late) so thank you so much for reading.

Elli xx

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