Reasons you should watch … Legacies.

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So. Today I’m doing something slightly different then usual and I’m going to be making a solid argument as to why you should watch, if you haven’t already, Legacies.

Legacies is the third series set in The Vampire Diaries universe. Back when this was first announced my initial reaction was that it was going to be dumb and cheesy but god I was wrong and, in my opinion, it is by far the best and I’m about to tell you why.

*Possible minor spoilers for The Vampire Diaries/The Originals.*

In this series we follow Hope Mikaelson, the Tri-bred daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, as she attends The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, a school for witches, werewolves and vampires to learn without fear of being hunted and killed as tended to happen to those poor kids who just wanted to get their diploma back in TVD.

And now. Why should you binge watch this show?

It’s literally set in a magic school! 


I will never tire of a magic boarding school setting. I am absolute trash for it. And The Salvatore School is ten times better because it also is home to vampires and werewolves.

This melds the magic schooling aspects with the modern schooling so well for example they have a sport, the name of which I have forgotten, but its basically Quidditch however they mention that brooms got banned for safety reason.

Not only that but the whole atmosphere of the school feels very genuine and the whole aesthetic is on point.

Its a million times better then Vampire Diaries

Listen. I’m not bashing on TVD. It was great and perfect for its time and what made this show possible in the first place and I spent a whole summer binge watching this show when I was 11.

However Legacies feels like a breathe of fresh air in this trilogy. By this point the lore has been fully developed and the writers/producers have found their footing and know what they want to create.

And best of all there’s so much less unnecessary drama. I mean this in both the sense of stupid plot points that could have been avoided and also teenage drama that, after a fair few seasons of the same thing, gives me a headache just thinking about it.

The characters aka innocent babies that need to be protected.


Hope Mikaelson- I genuinely love Hope so much. People found her to be annoying in the Originals but her character is quite a bit older in this series. Only by a year or two but still she’s a lot more mature as well as a lot more closed off.

In just this first season she has great development and its so cool to see her powers as she is a tri-bred, the only one of her kind. Her father was a werewolf/vampire hybrid, her mother a werewolf alpha and her grandmother one of the most powerful witches. She’s got a lot of things going on.


The Saltzman Family- Alaric is back in this series and not only that but he’s the headmaster and he’s got his two daughters Lizzie and Josie! Its great to have a familiar face around and him in the role of overprotective dad to all the kids not even just his own fits him well.

The Saltzman twins come from a powerful coven which we saw back in TVD, they were born during that show but here they are all grown up.

Josie is an LGBT+ character, she has seen to have relationships and feelings for both male and female characters and, according to the show producers, her sexuality and her codependancy issues are going to be explored more in the new season.

Lizzie has mental health issues and takes pills to help her and I think this is a great direction to go with her character not only because it does tie in with her family history but also because it’s great to see a character who struggles with mental illness and for there to be actual discussions about it and to show what happens when she goes off her meds and also how the added magical powers contribute to this. I myself can’t speak to the accuracy of the portrayal but from my point of view it’s great to see this be a topic mentioned in such a big show and not be swept under the rug.

Some people see Lizzie as a “bitchy character” and I don’t get why people always take this to be such a negative thing. Yes she can be mean but so what. Let female characters be loud and brash and speak their minds and not be totally soft around the edges.


Landon & Rafael – Landon is the main love interest of the series. I can’t really say much on him because spoilers. What eventually makes his character interesting counts, in my opinion, as spoiler worthy. I mean he’s sweet and all but not Damion or Stefan level of love interest.

Rafael is a werewolf and Landon’s foster brother/best friend and the reason the pair end up at the school in the first place. He plays into an unnecessary love triangle because every teen drama needs a love triangle apparently. I’ll admit it’s the least annoying love triangle in CW though.


MJ & Caleb– They are the main vampire characters of season 1 and I love them. MJ is the sweeter more naïve of the pair but I like they’re dynamic of Caleb being the bad influence on MJ at the beginning of the season. Also Caleb is hilarious.

The plot is nostalgic but interesting!

My favourite type of shows are the ones where there’s a different monster to defeat each episode or a new murderer to take down like in Buffy or Criminal Minds and Legacies has that same format with a constant mystery running throughout.

Each new episodes the character are up against a new monster previously thought to be a work of fiction. These monsters include classics such as dragons although there’s always a cool interpretation of how these creatures would fit into this world.

And like I said there’s a very intriguing mystery and plot running throughout which everything revolves around. It has lots of twists and turns that had me feeling a whole lot.

Season 2 comes out today!!

Yep. October 10th is the season 2 release date and I am so excited! 

Which means if you start watching now then you won’t have to wait months on end like I did for answers.

I have a feeling season 2 is going to be even more filled with magic and mystery and all the good stuff I thrive off.

I wish there was more of a fandom on Tumblr, where I spent 99% of my time, because I need to read theories and opinions to feed my obsession which is only growing as the release date approaches. Hence this post.


So that is my essay length argument on why you should watch Legacies if you haven’t already. Can you tell how strongly I feel about this? I don’t even put this much work/thought into my school work.

Has anyone watched this show? Is anyone else worried about my unhealthy obsession?

Elli xx

4 thoughts on “Reasons you should watch … Legacies.”

  1. I really enjoyed Legacies! I wish it had been longer, like TO or TVD with 24 episodes instead or 16 or 17. Also, I’m not really happy with this new creature/evil villain. Plus, the government agency tasked with taking care of all this supernatural biz… it’s been done so many times…

    I’m really excited for season 2, though, and the trailer was so short and didn’t show much…

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  2. I refuse to watch this show. I’m still mad that they killed Klaus off to make this happen. I don’t like Hope and I think if I ever decided to watch it , it would be for Lizzie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the way they did the characters dirty is kind of annoying especially because, as much as I personally am liking Legacies, it’s not necessary to the overall story and I suppose it could be seen as a cash grab.
      Lizzie is great though.


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