Bookshelf Tour 2019

Hi, hey and hello, welcome to my blog 🙂

So this blog post was meant to go up mid August … it’s now mid October. I’m terrible. So back in summer we had my cousins coming to stay for the week which meant mum was on a cleaning rampage and I got infected with the cleaning bug … at midnight. Yeah I decided 12 o’clock at night was a great time to take all my books off my shelves, clean them and reorganize.

I did a “Book shelf tour” round about this time last year, when this was a new blog and things and I didn’t think I’d do another but I’m really liking how they look at the minute (although they are slightly different now due to me buying new books and having to stick them somewhere) and so I thought why not share.

Apologies in advance for my terrible photography. 


This first shelf is my LGBT+ shelf where the main characters are LGBT+ (or in the case of Parsnips, Buttered by Joe Lycett, the author is LGBT+). Also Michelle Obama got stuck on this shelf because I had nowhere else to put her but she’s amazing so it’s okay.

This book is also used to store some bookmarks, my glasses, the lil Minion USB stick I use for school and my retainer container which is gross but I didn’t even see when taking this picture. 

Underneath is a collection of books I genuinely just had no other place to put but kind of looked good together along with Dictionaries and a book of torture aka Spanish Syntaxes. My Sims boxes get kept on here too because I’m too lazy to put them in a cupboard.


My Cassandra Clare Shelf! This hasn’t changed much since last time, besides a few new additions. This shelf is right up top, I have to stand on my chair to get to it, and I always forget about it which means it gets very dusty.

And another cow because my family nickname is Cowpants so it’s kind of a running joke thats been going on for over 10 years. 


My Rick Riordan shelf!!! There’s really not much to say about this shelf other then it never looks this neat. Hiding behind the Percy Jackson books is a plug socket I use to charge my phone so that series is usually stacked on top. (Also I’m missing book 1 because my friends don’t know the meaning of giving “borrowing”)


Starting on my lovely blue Ikea shelves we have the first shelf which I’m completely obsessed with. It’s got most of my Thriller/Mystery type books all grouped in one place. Plus the IT DVD my mum hates and yells at me about.

Underneath we have a random assortment of books including:

  • a Spanish encyclipedia.
  • Grimms Fairytales.
  • Baggie of foreign money my dad collects for me.
  • Milo figure from Tweenies … I don’t even know why I still own this.
  • Iconic YA series (minus first book in the Vampire Academy which I lent out and never got back … again)
  • Superheroes!!!
  • Baby me with my dad in a decapitated photo frama.


Next is my Harry Potter shelf where miraculously all my figures are standing up? This never happens. As you can see Curse Child is as far away from the original series as humanly possible. 🙂

I’m only mildly ashamed to admit that most of the books on the next shelf which is made up mostly of Fantasy … I haven’t read. Oops.  (I mean, there’s 19 books and I’ve read 9 of them so it’s actually not too bad)


Awkward photo angle because my pyjama drawer is there and it’s overflowing and I can’t close it.

This shelf is random books, some waiting for unhaul, others which I’ve had forever and stll haven’t read. Honestly everything about this bottom shelf is a mess.


We’re back up at the top again with my favourite shelves.

At the very top we have some of my favourites. Also I just couldn’t not put: The Raven Boys, All For the Game and Six of Crows near each other. I’m hoping one day to have a whole bookshelf dedicated to books with Bird/Raven related names.

Next up is my prettiest book shelf. I, for some reason, chose the photo where one book is missing. I like how the colours blend, I like that the cover of Sorcery of Thorns is on show because it’s a beautiful book and I like how all my V.E Schwab books are together. (Viscious goes in that lil gap but I was reading it at the time)


Another hodge podge collection of books. I like to say this is my “Iconic YA” shelf because I have The Lunar Chronicles, Twilight and The Darkest Minds on here.

I’m obsessed with the Nevernight cover and need it on display which is why it’s here.


And last but not least my Pink contemporary shelf!

(Yellow spine Georgia, Peaches. got moved over to the LGBT+ shelf because it has a lesbian main character, something I completely forgot during my past midnight reshuffle.)

I really like this shelf, especially because it has my growing collection of Jenn Bennet books all in one place.


So there we have my terribly photographed bookshelves with a few lil nicknacks, some of which are weirder then others (like, you know, the decapitated photo frame and the worrying amount of cow paraphernalia).

Thanks for reading 🙂

Elli xx

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