Forcing my mum to watch all the MCU movies- Part 3

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It’s official. I have made my mother watch all 19 Marvel Movies, in chronological order and this is genuinely my biggest achievement in life. I think I deserve a medal for having to sit through the ending of Endgame for a 3rd time and also for putting up with my mums continuous questions.

I’m quite sad that this “journey” has come to an end. It’s been fun. I definitely plan on now making her watch all the new releases with me too, including the TV series that are coming out.

Part One. // Part Two. 

Black Panther (2018)

black panther

This movie deserves all the awards it won and was nominated for. It was the perfect mix of serious but hilarious with some spot on representation of actual sibling dynamics. I love Shuri with all my heart, I swear if she doesn’t meet Peter Parker at some point I will riot. And just overall this movie was great from plot to characters to the villain. Such a good villain.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


I can’t believe this movie came out over 2 years ago. I feel so old. Another movie that is just MWAH. Its not even in the same league as the first 2 movies in this trilogy which I absolutely hated with a passion. We get solid humour, we get Jeff Goldblum, we get Loki at his best with solid one liners. I genuinely want to live in a world where Taika Waititi was in charge of every MCU movie.

Ant Man & The Wasp (2018)


Hope looks so different without her hair in a bob and it’s really off putting. My only complaint about this movie was not enough Luis or FBI Agent Woo.

Avengers Infinity War (2018)

inf war.jpg

AKA Bucky Barnes just wants to live his best retired life with his goats. Leave him alone. 

Oooo look we’re really getting down to business now. It’s definitely my favourite out of the Infinity and Endgame duology. This is about my 4th time watching this movie and I still admittedly refuse to accept what happens in the first 5 minutes. Just no.

After Endgame the emotional trauma of this doesn’t hit so hard. It’s more enjoyable and I could sit back and really take in the fight scenes without stressing so much.

Avengers Endgame (2019)


On the surface level this is a good movie. Like my first time watching I was just exploding with nerdy excitement that I couldn’t see it’s flaws. I saw big explosions and iconic characters and all I could think was “wow”.

Upon my re-watch however there were a lot of things that annoy me.

(I feel like everyone who cares enough about being spoiled has already seen it but just in case: SPOILERSSSSSSS AHEAD!!)

  • Steves ending. @ writers, why’d ya have to do him and the entire fandom dirty like that?
  • The whole time travel thing is confusing as hell!
  • Killing of the main and more or less only female character in the entire movie the exact same way they killed off another main female character in the first movie. Again as a way to further the plot of the male heroes!!!! Stop. I beg.
  • Tony’s dying. (This is purely emotional. Logically I can see this was a good, kind of circular ending to his character arc but it still makes my heart hurt every time I acknowledge it)

That said there were some good bits, *cough, cough*: Steve picking up Thor’s hammer, the portal all opening, Morgan Stark being the most adorable thing in the entire world. Sam becoming Captain America.

I just haven’t decided if what I liked outweighs what I didn’t.

Spiderman: Far From Home (2019)

far from home.jpg

I watched this movie last night, officially finishing our 3 month long marathon and I love this movie so much. Dare I say it’s perfection? Yes. I dare. It’s the most perfect movie in the world.

The humour, the emotion, the plot, the diversity, the romance. Everything!

This follows Peter on a trip to Europe and in the beginning of the movie he’s in Venice and I appreciated that more this time around watching because I’m going on a school trip to Italy next year, including Venice. I’m guessing there’s going to be less monsters when I go but still.

Also props to Mr Harrison, the real hero of this movie. He needs a Xanax and a nice long break.


And that is the end of my MCU Movie Marathon which means …. it’s time to officially decide my top 5 favourite of all time (currently). I’m acting like this is a hard decision. It’s really not. In no particular order my top 5 favourite are:

  1. Spiderman Far From Home
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  3. Captain Marvel
  4. Thor Ragnarok
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger (I’m shocked by this. It won out purely because of all the Bucky content). 

In 2020 there’s according to Google there’s 5 new MCU movie releases. I can’t say I’m overly excited for any of them besides Black Widow and maybe The Eternals (based solely on the cast).

The TV shows coming out next year though stand to be amazing and I am so excited about them. Most importantly: Falcon and the Winter Solider started filming this past week!!!! My highlight of 2020 isn’t going to be going to Italy, or turning 18. No. It’s going to be watching that show. Does that sound sad and nerdy? Yes very.

So I suppose I’ll have to make my poor mother watch those too.

Elli :p

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