My Guilty Pleasures 🙈

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog!!!!

I don’t know why I decided to add a 🙈 to the title but it’s cute and I’m in a “I don’t give a shit” mood so it’s staying in there for me to live to regret another day.

As you can see by the title of this here post I have decided to Expose™ myself and share some of my guilty pleasures which, to be honest, I don’t feel guilty about whatsoever. At least maybe not as guilty as I should. Basically I’m just sharing some of my interests outside of books and reading.

Twilight Renaissance Memes

Honestly this whole entire tag on tumblr is GOLD. I don’t know where this insurgence came from but I am so incredibly grateful for it’s existence. Before school started back up again I was starting to stress and get anxious and I kid you not I spent a whole afternoon just scrolling through and spamming my tumblr blog with twilight memes.

We’ve got hilarious Bella and Emmet content, hilarious analysis of the books, screen captures of the movie with great commentary, everyone taking the mic out of the name Renesmee because seriously it’s a stupid name and also thousands of people giving king Charlie Swan the respect he deserves.

Link HERE to the tag because seriously just go and check this out.

UK Soap Operas

Yet more proof that I am basically an 80 year old retiree living in a 17 year old’s body: I like UK soaps. I’ve watched them since I was a kid with my mum and now I watch them on my own and I get very invested.

Soap operas are so hilarious to me. Everyone either dies or has an affair. Or dies because they were having an affair.

Plus they’re on nearly 5 times a week and they’re the only piece of media that basically says “fuck you” to continuity. Like you’ve got people married with kids who tried to kill each other a few years back and although the writers don’t acknowledge this us hardcore viewers remember and find it hilarious.

And when they do remember the fact that so and so characters tried to kill each other it’s even funnier! My current favourite is EastEnders which has an absurd amount of good looking cast members that it’s not even funny. Literally nobody in East London looks that good in real life. Facts. (Just kidding. I’m from East-Yorkshire I have no room to talk)

Sims Videos

Out of all of these this is the one I’m probably most “ashamed” by just because I think it’s a bit odd. Some people like ASMR, I like watching people play the Sims.

I’m a fan of the Sims. If I could I would happily spend every hour of my day playing. I’m currently in the middle of a terrible attempt at the 100 baby challenge and I’m about … 15 kids in. The names are getting more ridiculous with each child and I’m regretting every choice I ever made.

I also worked really hard to get my male sim (named Boston Houston cause it was 3am and I thought that was hilarious) pregnant with an alien baby which happened (he’s called Draco and he’s green. Repping Slytherin pride from birth 👽🐍) But then his girlfriend had twins and he had ANOTHER alien baby at the same time and now I’m drowning in toddlers and I can’t go back.

What I’m saying is it’s weirdly therapeutic to watch other people play sims and get stressed and things then me have to undergo that torture yourself. Also the youtuber Plumbella is hilarious and her accent reminds me of home even if it is 10x stronger then mine.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes’ songs all sound near enough exactly the same, at least to me, but there are a few that I have been known to listen to on repeat for days. My strange love for a random selection of his songs is something I keep buried deep inside because if any of my “edgy” hipster friends who are 100 times cooler then I will ever be found out I knew every word to “If I can’t have you” they would never let me live it down and I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.


So those are some of my guilty pleasures. This was just a fun lil post exposing myself. In all seriousness though if you do like twilight or even if you don’t go and look at the memes because it’s genuinely the best thing.

Does anyone else have any weird guilty pleasures? Is anyone else obsessed with Twilight memes or is it just me and my terrible sense of humour? Please let me know so I can all around feel better about myself. 🐵



4 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures 🙈”

  1. YES SIM VIDS I usually to be all over that, and doing the weird names thing yes! There this one time I was playing and I tried using the twins cheat code (I played sims 2) and the computer froze up or something and I ended up with 10 babies! And it was horrible I kept trying to put them in their cribs but the adult sims were like nope let’s get them a bottle and then put them on the floor! XD

    I still occasionally play and it will forever be one of my guilty pleasures. And yes now that you mention all Shawn Mendes songs do sound the same!

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