Why I Shouldn’t Read Classics: Romeo & Juliet.

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Before I start I justgiphy.gif want to say that I do not think reading “classics” makes you more of a reader or anything like that. Someone who has read everything by Shakespeare or Dickens is in no way superior to someone who’s read everything by, say, Cassandra Clare, for example. We all have our proffered tastes and that’s that.

Saying that, I am here today because I have finally read a classic! So I want to celebrate this huge life achievement and also talk about my personal opinions on Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare.

I have tried to read Romeo & Juliet off my own back in the past in English but I barely got two pages in. I just couldn’t do it. This time though, I actually had to read this for my Universal Literature class. Our current topic is Shakespeare and we’ll be doing an exam on both him and this play in a few weeks.

Because I go to a Spanish school I had to read this in Spanish, something I was dreading from the get go after remembering my dreadful experience with this play in my native language, and so imagine my surprise when I started flying through this and understanding it so much better in Spanish then in English.

My thoughts on Romeo & Juliet is this: it was hilarious!

In that last act where it’s Romeo and Paris at Juliet’s tomb was spectacular. I don’t know if the Spanish language added to this scenes hilarity but when Paris basically says something along the lines of “you stabbed me” and then promptly dies begging Romeo to place his body next to Juliet’s I nearly burst out laughing in the middle of my dead silent class room. Peak humour.

Also these characters are all so dramatic and I live for it! Its a fine example that shows teenagers have been dramatic and totally extra little shits for centuries.

And don’t even get me started on the Insta-Love in this play. Insta-Love is something we bash books on nowadays but nothing can compare to the whirlwind romance of Romeo and Juliet who met, fell in love, married and died for each other in the span of five days. Absolute legends, the pair of them.

Overall did I find this to be slightly overrated? Yes. Turns out I don’t have the same appreciation of Shakespeare as others do but I did enjoy my time reading this, a strange thing to say about something I had no choice in.

I don’t think I enjoyed it the way I was strictly meant to but all the same I had a good time and after this good experience I’m considering checking out more of Shakespeares works.

We’re currently watching the movie in class (not the Leonardo DiCaprio version. In this version Juliet has a sister and Romeo looks like Jon Snows less good looking brother) and so I’m just hoping I don’t start laughing at the big tragic death scenes.

Did anyone else find this play to be more on the funny side then the tragic? Please say I’m not the only one! Thanks for reading.

Elli xx

8 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Read Classics: Romeo & Juliet.”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of classics but I read Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. I was incredulous with the way the play ended and I had decided it wasn’t for me. It was okay, not as good as I had imagined it to be. I haven’t read Romeo & Juliet yet but I think I’ll be able to relate more to a good retelling than the original play.

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  2. Ha, yes Romeo and Juliet is CRAZY. And considering Juliet is THIRTEEN years old also quite disturbing. Don’t give up on classics completely though, I’m sure there are better ones out there :).

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  3. I bought a big ass book with all of shakespeare plays this summer and I have yet to try to read it because it seems extremely complicated but after reading your post I think I might try reading it in my language at the same time.
    Also, I don’t know if you know or need this or not, but I hear sparknotes is a really helpful website for shakespeare stuff.

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