Series I’m Waiting to Read.

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I’m a procrastinator. I either finish an assignment long before it’s due which means I likely loose the damn thing when it’s time to hand it in, or I put it off until the last possible minute. This is why my stress levels are usually so high.

And I’ll admit this habit of procrastinating stretches to my reading habit too, however here are four series that I am willingly waiting to read, not because I’m procrastinating but because I think waiting to read them will somehow better my overall reading experience.

The Heartstopper Graphic Novels by Alice Oseman

Volume 1 of Heartstopper was the cutest thing ever and I can’t just read one every few months upon their release. So instead I’m going to wait until they’re all released and then devour them in one.

I’m actually currently reading Solitaire, the companion book which follows Charlies older sister Tori and I am loving it! Hopefully when this goes up I’ll have finished because I only have around 100 pages to go.

The Diviners by Libba Bray


I read the first book of this series at the beginning of the year when I went back to England and I had a good time. I definitely see why it’s so loved. The final book comes out next year and so again, this is a series I plan on waiting till all books are released (and are up on Kindle for slightly cheaper) and then I can maybe read one a month or something along those lines.

The Tyrants Tomb by Rick Roirdan


Unlike the others on this list the reason I’m not reading book number 4 in the Trials of Apollo series because I am Scared. After the events of the last book I’m still slightly traumatised and not ready to experience that sort of pain again ya know.  If I do suddenly find the urge to read this then my friend has a copy I can borrow but I think I still need a bit longer to recover.

The Carry On Trilogy by Rainbow Rowell


I had plans to read Carry On this year but I’ve since changed my mind. I’m going to wait.

Book 2 wasn’t what everyone wanted in terms of “cuteness”, or so I’ve seen. Apparently Rainbow Rowell instead decided to explore the aftermath of saving the world or whatever it was that happened in book 1, and the personal toll that takes as well as the difficulties of a new relationship.

Personally all of this really intrigues me and I really hope that I haven’t got the wrong end of the stick in thinking this is what happens.

I really wasn’t a fan of Fangirl, which I did read this year, but I have faith in this trilogy but like I said I’m going to wait till closer to the relase date of the 3rd book to start reading.


So those are four series I do hope to start at some point … just not yet. I suppose you could say this is me procrastinating but I’m choosing to ignore that and pretend like i have this great plan because I need to feel better about myself. Thanks for reading.

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “Series I’m Waiting to Read.”

  1. I still have four books in the Heroes of Olympus series before reading the Trials of Apollo and I’m even more excited about it now!

    Also, I know Heartstopper vol 3 is being published next year but is that going to be the final one? I haven’t seen any news about it. (though I’ve read vol 2 and it’s even better than the first, you’ll love it!)

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    1. I could have sworn I’ve seen a volume 4 of Heartstopper floating around the place on Goodreads but I might be wrong. I’m dying to read them all.
      Trials of Apollo, especially book 1 is definitely worth the wait!

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