My Favourite Characters of 2019

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So today I am talking about My Favourite Characters of 2019. I wasn’t going to do a post like this but then I started thinking about some of the new characters I’ve come to love this year and in the end I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about them.

Malcolm Bright – Prodigal Son


Prodigal Son has fast become my favourite show. It’s about a man, Malcolm, who is the son of a prolific serial killer known as The Surgeon (played by Michael Sheen) and it follows him as an adult profiler working with the NYPD on all sorts of gruesome murders while also dealing with his trauma, his mental health and lost memories he’s slowly piecing together.

I love this show and I love Malcolm with my whole heart. He’s such a sweetie, a total disaster but a sweetie none the less. The mid season finale left on such a cliff hanger and I’m dying to see what happens to him next.

Daisy Winter – Prince Charming


Daisy is the main character from Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins which follows Daisy as she has to deal with the fact that her big sister is marrying the future king of Scotland.

I think I love Daisy because I see a lot of myself in her, from her humour to the fact that I also died my hair mermaid red once upon a time. I really loved reading a book from her perspective, I think her voice and her personality is what I enjoyed most about the book.

Otis Milburn – Sex Education


Sex Education is another of my new favourite series from this year and as much as I love the whole entire crazy cast of characters I have a sweet spot for Otis besides the fact that I love Asa Butterfield.

He’s so socially awkward and such and oddball that you can’t help but root for him while also cringing at him.

Stills for season 2 were released a couple of weeks ago and believe me when I say I freaked. I’m dying for more from this show!

The Squad – Red White and Royal Blue


That’s not their name. I can’t remember the actual name of the Red White and Royal Blue gang which includes: Alex, June, Nora, Henry and Pez, but I love them all and I couldn’t pick just one character to include on this list … so I’m including them all.

Sure the main focus of this book is Alex and Henry and their romance which I love but some of my favourite moments from this novel are when all five of them together, like the karaoke scene. All of them each have such a distinct and compelling personality and are so well written.

Bonus: Jem Carstairs


Ok so Jem Carstairs isn’t a new to me character from this year, however 2019 is the year that Jem Carstairs set up shop in my heart! 2019 is the year that Jem Carstairs got the recognition and appreciation, from myself included, and it’s what he deserves.


So there we go, those are a some of favourite characters from this past year. I love them all with my whole heart. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Elli xx


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  1. Awww I see Jem and I start crying 😭😭 Love him so much 😍😍
    And the gang from RWRB is definitely my favorite of the year πŸ’•πŸ’•

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