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My favourite reads of 2019!

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

So yesterday I talked all about my least favourite reads of 2019(which I stupidly titled 2020 and only just realised my mistake because I’m an idiot) and I really went to town on them. Today however is a positive vibes only zone as I’m going to be talking about the best of the bunch. giphy

I read 83 books this year, completely surpassing my intended goal of 60. I’m actually currently reading 2 more, one of which I plan on finishing as soon as I’m done writing this post, and yet I’ve got 9 books to talk about today.

My criteria for picking my “favourites” is based solely off of pure enjoyment. I’ve chosen books which, even all these months later, I’m still thinking about, I’m still excited about and overall I’m’ still in love with.

Any and all book reviews I’ve written this year can all be found HERE.

And finally before I start I just want to say that these are in chronological of when I read them and not by rank or rating or anything like that 🙂

black-and-white-flowers-tumblr-transparent-12Queen of Air & Darkness by Cassandra Clare

9781471116704Queen of Air & Darkness was the second book I read this year and although it’s an absolute beast of a book I flew through it in just 3 days!

Yes some of the plot decisions were … odd and questionable *cough* Thule. Angelic Giants *cough* but I can’t deny that I had a great time reading.

This book made me feel so much. I sobbed in the beginning for about five chapters straight and that was just the beginning of my tears as the story progressed. I came to love so many new characters with this trilogy and I’m cautiously anticipating future instalments of this universe.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugountitled

I can’t believe I only read this book for the first time back in March! It feels like a lifetime ago.

I’m so happy to finally have completed this duology which I really have loved from page one and which I really should have picked up sooner.

I loved, most of all, the characters. I love a found family trope and this is a perfect example of that. Book one didn’t disappoint with the action and the sequel was just as jam packed with adventure and iconic moments.

Saying that though Jespers father was clearly the star of this whole novel.

Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston


What’s left for me to say about this book that I haven’t said already?

I literally have not shut up about this book since being lucky enough to receive and ARC which I sped through in just two days.

The characters! The wit! The dialogue! The plot! The romance! All of it was absolute perfection. *chefs kisses*


Not Even Bones by Rebecca Shaeffer12

I am so glad my mum bought me this book out of guilt that my brother got a belated birthday present that got lost in the post two months later.

This book, with it’s plot of a girl who enjoys dissecting supernatural creatures whose body parts her mum sells on the black market, was so unique and unlike anything I’d read at the time. It’s hard to describe so the most I can do is beg you to read and give it a chance (although beware of blood and gore)

I have book 2 waiting on my shelf to read as soon as I possibly can.

Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

51Pxk7kjwdLI read two Jenn Bennett books this year and so it was a real toss up between which to include on this list but ultimately Night Owls won out due to my fascination and enjoyment of the art mentioned in this book.

The main character is interested in atomical art and illustrations while the love interest is into street art, I found both of these things to be incredibly interesting.

Besides that though I also loved the characters and their relationship. I remember having a mini book crush on both of them. I couldn’t decide who I liked more.

Its crazy to think that I had this book sitting on my shelf for two years before finally picking it up. I’m really looking forward to continue on making my way through Bennetts already published work and whatever she puts out in the future.

Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins

I admit this series has it’s flaws and definitely isn’t a literary masterpiece by any means. I 41-b+nrwsyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_saw someone say in a review this felt very much like a first draft and yes I can see that. However like I said this list is based off what I enjoyed the most and there’s no denying that I had a great time reading this.

I picked this up at the beginning of summer and maybe that carefree no exam energy contribuited to a fun read experience but I had fun reading this around the pool. I connected instantly with the main character Daisy and I’m a sucker for modern royalty.

I also read book 2, Her Royal Highness, and if a third book were to be released tomorrow I would but it in an instant and without hesitation.

The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu

30295312How could I not love this book when Alec Lightwood is the main character?

This is yet another book I flew through and I actually read this during the Reading Rush this past summer which was fun.

My favourite aspects of this book, besides the characters I fell in love with so many books ago, was the descriptions of the cities Magnus and Alec travelled to. They were described in perfect detail and I wanted to quit school and go travel around Europe myself.

Also my boy Raphael Santiago had a cameo which is always a plus.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

This book isn’t even out yet and yet here it is on my favourites list.81DZLSv7uHL

I was lucky enough to receive and ARC for this 2020 release and I had so much fun reading! Its a story which features: twitter wars, grilled cheese, baking, witty characters, and a super shippable pairing.

I have a review written and scheduled to go up closer to this books release but in short I loved everything about this. I loved how mature the characters were, there was no unnecessary drama which made the story so much more enjoyable.

I highly recommend checking this out upon it’s release in January.

Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater

9781407194462I waited so long to get my hands on this book and reading it from waiting for the release, mishaps putting money in the bank to buy it, Amazon not delivering it for a whole more and then a month of exams which got in the way.

But finally I read this and loved it. I was a bit unsure at first what with the introduction of so many new characters and perspectives which, to begin with, I didn’t care about. But as the book went on and exams finished meaning I could pay full attention to the story I fell in love and couldn’t put it down.

I came to love the new characters, especially Jordan, as well as finding a new love for past characters like Declan. I’m really looking forward to the following books however I am terrified that bad things are going to happen.


And there we go, my absolute favourite reads of 2019. I’m really happy with what I managed to read this year. Thanks for reading 🙂

Elli xx

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  1. I’m so happy to see Crooked Kingdom and The Red Scrolls of Magic on your list. Those two books are amazing! 😀 Great post!

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