🖤My Favourite Love Stories🖤

Hi, hey, hello, welcome to my blog and Happy Valentines day!💕

Today is the day of love. Today is also the day I take a philosophy exam I’ve been studying all week for. My philosophy teacher definitely does not love me.

While in real time right now I’m probably stressing out more then is probably necessary (I see you future me), I thought I’d share some of my favourite love stories.

When I say “love stories” I don’t mean a romance novel or a book that’s main plot point is necessarily the romance but instead I’m talking about the love between two characters in general ya know. Their connection, their road to happily ever after etcetera.

There’s actually two fictional couples that are the main inspiration for this post and so I’m going to talk about them first because they’re the ones I care about the most:

Jem Carstairs & Tessa Grey (Shadowhunter Chronicles)


Don’t get me wrong I adore Tessa and Will together, although the beginning of their relationship is rocky their love and life together is incredibly sweet if not also emotionally traumatic to us readers *cough* Clockwork Princess Prequel *cough* but my god Jem and Tessa literally waited a whole ass century to be together!

They were couple goals back in the nineteen century and they’re still couple goals over a hundred years later! 2019 was truly the year I came to realise just how much I love Jem Carstairs which was probably the best thing to come out of last year to be honest.

I really hope I get more of these two in the Wicked Powers series coming out I don’t even know when.

Neil Josten & Andrew Minyard (All For the Game)


It’s no secrete that I adore the All For the Game series and a big part of my love for those books has to do with Neil and Andrew.

Theirs really isn’t the typical love story. It’s full of psychotic fathers, made up sports and the freaking mafia but it’s the story of two people who’ve been so alone and had such terrible things happen to them coming together and finding each other and trusting each other and protecting each other and learning to love each other in their own ways.

It’s also the story of a gay character and a demi sexual character that spams three whole books with slow-burn and hate-to-love (or well … hate-to-“hate”) and the premis of their relationship is built on trust and most importantly consent and I just love it so much.

I would happily stop there but I’ve added two more couples who I also love just to even it out a bit:

Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)


I love Kaz and Inej because their relationship and the development of their relatioship is something I’ve never seen before in YA.

They’re two badass bitches who allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other, at least for the most part. Another thing I love was when Inej says “I will have you without armour Kaz Brekker, or I will not have you at all” and I genuinely can’t describe why that stuck with me but it did. Also the ending of Crooked Kingdom was *chefs kisses*

 Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson series)


I feel completely confident in saying this is one of the best fictional couples/romances ever. I mean for one thing they’re the OG’s. For another thing we got five books of development following them from kids to teenagers. Five books of slowburn and then seeing their slow and at times awkward but totally realistic (minus the Greek Gods and monsters) interactions.

They went through Hell for each other. How much more iconic can you get.

I haven’t read this series in a while but writing this just now is making me think I’m over due a re-read.  


So there we go four love storys i love. There’s every chance that I’ve completely forgotten about a fictional pairing that earlier today i really wanted to include on this list but oh well. Hopefully I’ll remember them by next year.

I hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend. Thanks for reading.

Elli xx

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