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February Wrap Up

Hi, hey hello and welcome to my blog!

February is over. We’ve survived somehow. Well done to us is all I can say. Today I’m going to be wrapping up and talking all about the books I read in February.

I have absolutely nothing of import or interest to say because it’s nearly midnight and I am hungry so I’m just going to jump right on with my wrap up ๐Ÿ™‚

Scammed by Kristen Simmons


The first thing I completed this month was an ARC which I’m thrilled about because I’m trying to read at least one ARC a month. Scammed is the sequel to last years The Decievers which I enjoyed however I liked book 2 a lot more.

I was wary going into this because I couldn’t remember much from the previous novel however the first few chapters of this book did a great job at catching me up to speed, jogging my memory and then wasted no time in getting straight into the action which I thought was missing from the first book.

This series follows a girl who attends a super elite boarding school for con artists and in exchange for this opportunity and future college tuition and overall life success Brynn has to put her conning skills to the work for the owner/funder/headmaster? of the school but of course, she get’s into a more then she ever thought she could handle.

Heartstopper VOL 1&2 by Alice Oseman

I read these at separate times of the month but I’m lumping them together. Volume 1 was a re-read for me but Volume 2 was a recent purchase. Both were adorable.

Mainly during Volume 2 but even though I know these two get together because I’ve read Solitaire, and I’ve seen the recent online updates, but I was so nervous!!! I had to keep putting the book down while I read to chill myself out.

I have Volume 3 sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer


I finally did it! Second month in a row where I read a book that’s sat for so long on my shelf! I’m proud. I’m really proud.

Renegades was a whole lot of fun. I really love superhero movies but sadly have never gotten into comics as much as I know I’ll love them just because I have no idea where to start or where to buy them from but this book gave me those same vibes.

I really liked the characters, both Nova and Adrian I would die for, I also really liked the side characters and family dynamics. If I had known this book featured characters raised by gay superheroes and also a rag tag group of villains I probably would have picked this up earlier.

P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han


Me picking this book up was a total surprise but I saw that it was on for free and I really wanted to read the book before watching the movie so I figured why not.

This book was good but nothing great. I enjoyed Peter and Lara Jeans relationship in this book and the troubles they went through. It felt very real and I could see how both characters were at fault and how they were navigating through this new step in their relationship.

Overall though it felt kind of boring. John Ambrose was totally a plot device which is fine I suppose but I wish it hadn’t been so obvious. I also didn’t like the ending. No spoilers but it was like one conversation and everything was wrapped up.

I definitely do plan on reading the third book. If I had read this book as the conclusion to the duology as I think it was originally intended I would have been pretty disappointed and probably rated it lower then I did but I’m holding out hope for book 3.

DNF: I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

I was really enjoying this book and was super annoyed that I had to put it down.

Basically what happened was that I was meant to be going on a school trip to Italy this week, I was super excited and planned on reading and reviewing three YA travel novels, this book being one of them.

Sadly the trip to Italy was cancelled due to the country being put on literal lockdown and quarantine due to the Coronavirus.

I was really looking forward to this trip and I felt like continuing on with this book that is set about travelling around Europe was just like salt to a wound so I’ve set it aside for now.

I definitely plan on picking this back up eventually because of what I had read I had liked and I think I’m really going to like.

Currently Reading:

So I’m currently reading 2 books featuring arsehole lead protagonists and love interests called Will!

The first being Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Chains of Gold comes out โ€ฆ this week? I think. Basically I can’t remember much from The Infernal Devices besides the fact that:

  • I ship Sophie and Gideion,
  • Lightworm,
  • Henry needs protecting at all costs.

So I want to re-read the whole trilogy before getting around to the new series. I’m actually nearly finished with it. I’m hopefully going to be able to finish it tonight but it is past midnight now and I have plans tomorrow so who knows.

And finally the last book I started but didn’t finish in February is Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott. Another I never planned on picking up but I am surprising myself by enjoying it. I’m not far into this book. Around 100 pages. I had hoped to finish this on the 29th but instead got distracted watching AEW videos.

I so far really like the main character Stella and I’m enjoying learning about CF, the illness which both main characters have, and I’m looking forward to finishing it in the coming days.


So there we have my February wrap up. Not a bad month but I do kind of wish I’d read more.

I’d love to know your thoughts on any books mentioned in this post and I’d also love to know what you’ve been reading this past month. Thanks for reading.

Elli xx

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