Booktubers to binge during isolation.

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I have survived a week of lockdown. *Pats self on back*. But for me there’s still a week to go, at the very least, there’s whispers of the government extending it longer, and so I figured today I’d recommend some booktubers to watch and keep yourself busy and entertained.

Kevin The Reader.

Kevin is a gay Irish sweetheart who I would die for. He has been doing a series recently where he reads the Twilight series for the first time. He posted his Eclipse vlog early last week and I binged them all. They’re so funny, his reactions and opinions are spot on and you need to go and watch him.

He also picks his monthly TBR via a claw machine which he calls Clawdette.

Sabine’s Book Nook

So I haven’t actually watched much of Sabine’s channel, I’m a new subscriber, but I follow her on Instagram and her videos and thumbnails are so cute.

Boston Reads

There’s a chance I’ve recommended this channel before but here we are again. Not only does Boston talk about the popular, main stream books but she also talks about lesser known books. And again with the aesthetic!


Draaaggggg them sis. I love watching Kat just have no remorse.


So there we go, a couple of booktubers you might not have watched before but maybe probably have.

Thanks for watching 🙂

Elli xx

4 thoughts on “Booktubers to binge during isolation.”

  1. Hi, I love Kat, she is really funny and smart. I haven’t seen the other ones, so i’m gonna check them. Have a nice day…

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