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I’m being overly ambitous // April TBR

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog!

I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not I want to make a TBR this month because I don’t know what to read! Actually no. That’s not the problem. This problem is that I have so much I want to read that I can’t decide what I want to read first.

My TBR is pretty long this month so I doubt I’ll be able to get all of them, although lockdown continues until the 26th at the very least so who knows. I’m only going to be talking about the physical books that I own in this TBR as well even though I do have a few arcs and e-books I’m thinking of reading.


I have a lot of sequels and re-reads on my TBR this month including my current read: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. I read this last year, I actually got an ARC which was super cool. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a physical edition and I’ve been wanting to re-read it forever and with everything that’s going on right now I definitely think it’s time to pretend like I live in the RWRB universe then in our reality.

The other book I’m hoping to re-read this month is Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, the final book of course in The Infernal Devices trilogy which I have been re-reading since last month. I have enjoyed re-reading this series so much but I’m hesitant to pick this book up because I sobbed first time around and for some reason I always get more emotional when I know what’s going to happen.

I do hope I get to this in April though because then I’ll be completely caught up on this timeline ready to read Chains of Gold when I get out of isolation.

Next up are two sequels to books I really loved. First is Only Ashes Remain by Rebecca Schaeffer. This is the sequel to Not Even Bones which I read and loved last year. This series is set in world much like our own except supernatural creatures are the norm and it follows a girl, Nita, who likes to dissect these creatures and then her mum sells the body parts on the black market however Nita finds herself in trouble when she’s kidnapped and she herself is for sale on the black market.

It’s dark and gross but weirdly so much fun and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

My final sequel on this TBR is Archenemies by Marissa Meyer, this is book two of the Renegades trilogy which I started this year and loved way more then I was expecting. I actually tried to read this about a week ago but I really wasnt in the mood yet. Hopefully when it comes to me picking it up again I’ll love it like I did the first because I really did enjoy the superheroes and comic book feeling.


I finally got my hands on a copy of ME by Elton John which I’ve wanted to read since I found out he was releasing an autobiography. I’m not the biggest Elton John fan although I do enjoy his songs, but I’m really interested in the 80’s rock scene especially in Britain and after watching Rocketman, which is the movie about his life, and Bohemian Rhapsody obviously about Queen I’m really looking forward to reading this.

And the final two books are books I started last month. Goblet of Fire I’m a bit less then half way through. Harry hasn’t been chosen yet but that’s what’s about to happen. I was on a really good roll with this and then just dropped it for no reason. I planned to re-read The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakovic last month but I got about 1 chapter in. I’m planning a blog post about this book so hopefully I can get it read in the next couple of weeks.


And there we go. 7 books on my TBR for this month. I’ve already read 2 books this month, they weren’t the best but I suppose it’s a solid start.

I’m hoping to read so much this month and I’d love to know what you’re planning to read this month. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “I’m being overly ambitous // April TBR”

  1. I feel the exact same way about posting or not posting a tbr. I decided not to because I also have way too many books I want to read and I’ve already read a bunch not in it so why put that pressure on myself?
    Hope you read some greats book this month! (I already see a few of my favorites like TFC, RWRB and CP)

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