#StayHomeReadingRush TBR

Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

I have decided to take part in the #Stay Home Reading Rush which runs from today, 16th April till the 19th. I’ve seen this floating around and I really wasn’t going to take part in it so this is a very last minute decision.

My third term of school started back up this week. I said I was going to be productive this term, make good of a bad situation by using the home-school aspect to get really good grades. I’m barely a week in and I’ve already procrastinated all my assignments until the last possible second so I don’t know how well I’m going to do in this mini readathon but I’m going to give it a try.


Read a book with a house on the cover – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I’m taking extreme liberties with this one. The Spanish edition of this book, the edition that I’m reading, has the New York skyline in the distant background … which has apartments … which I am classing as a house because I’ve already started it and want an excuse to finish it.

I mean I live in an apartment and I call it “my house” all the time so yes I’m cheating but it’s okay.

Read a book in the same room the whole time – American Royals by Katharine McGee OR Me by Elton John.

I can’t decide whether I’m in the mood for Royal Romance or Real Life Rock Star so depending on what I’m feeling this weekend I’ll hopefully be reading either American Royals or Me which is Elton Johns autobiography.

I’ll be reading both of these in my room where I spend most of my time anyways because it’s quiet and brother free.

Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I mean both Percy Jackson and American Royals are set in America which is somewhere I’d like to go but to be more specific Percy Jackson is set in New York/Long Island which is somewhere I’d definitely like to go.

Read a book that will make you smile – The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakovic

I’m being pretty ambitious here but if, by some miracle, I finish the two previously mentioned books I’d definitely like to start The Foxhole Court. This is book one of my favourite series so I know for a fact that it’ll put a smile on my face. I also kind of need to read this for a blog post I’m planning so two birds, one stone.


Hopefully I can get my arse in gear today and be productive so that I can read. I have like three, maybe four homework assignments I need to do and then there’s still the chance I get sent more because my teachers don’t think I’m stressed enough. (I resorted to “stress organizing” yesterday to work off some of my anxious energy).

Now that I’ve made this TBR I’m pretty excited to force myself through a weekend of reading with an excuse not to let Netflix distract me. (I’ve nearly finished The Haunting of Hill House and this show has me sobbing!)

I’d love to hear if you’re participating in this readathon and what you plan on reading. Stay Safe!

Elli xx

5 thoughts on “#StayHomeReadingRush TBR”

  1. I just decided to enter it last minute too and I set a tbr that’s way too ambitious but I’m just going to enjoy it while I don’t have any assignments due soon and just read for the next four days!

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